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Design & Send Real-Life Birthday Cards To Facebook Friends From Your iPhone

Apple’s own Cards service and Ink Cards for iOS and Android provide an excellent way to let your friends and family know you’re thinking of them without having to leave your house to buy or mail post cards. These apps let you design and send real-life greeting cards to your contacts, all from your mobile device. Recently, some other developers have started venturing into this genre of apps, Birthday Cards by Cleverbug for iOS being the hottest new entrant. The app’s main focus is birthday cards, and it doubles as a reminder app for upcoming birthdays of your Facebook friends. The thing that makes Birthday Cards stand out from among other similar apps is its ability to automatically incorporate photos of your friends into the cards you are making for them. It is also possible to put pictures into templates manually, and of course, to enter personalized text into cards before you place an order for their printing and postage.

Cleverbug iOS Menu Cleverbug iOS List

Since Birthday Cards is all about Facebook friends, it makes sense that users have to link their Facebook ID with the app before they can create any cards. If you want to be able to send cards to your friends discreetly, request them to share their postal address with you well before their birthday. The ‘Invite Friends’ option in the Birthday Cards menu is useful if you want to stay in touch with other friends using the app.

The main screen of Birthday Cards lists all your Facebook friends according to their birthdays. The age of everyone who has kept his or her year of birth public is displayed over their profile photo.

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To start making a birthday card for a particular contact, simply search for them on the main page and hit the arrow button next to their name. Birthday Cards offers a lot of templates, sorted into various categories. Simply swipe across the bottom bar to choose a suitable category (friend, lover, cards for particular age groups, etc.) and you will be presented with several personalized cards. Most of the cards contain one or more photos taken from your friend’s albums. To change this photo, enter editing mode and tap on the picture to load a new one. You can go to your friend’s Facebook wall to pick a new image, or add one from the camera roll. As mentioned earlier, the text written inside the card can be edited as well.

Cards made with the app cost $2.99 for printing (the first card is free) but you have to pay all the postage charges. The cards can be sent to any place in the world, which is quite a huge plus. The app itself is free and optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Download Birthday Cards by Cleverbug For iOS

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