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ClipCrop For iPhone Lets You Crop Photos Using Shapes & Characters

The concept of cropping photos to fit different shapes and frames is not really new. Even if you don’t want to turn on your computer to edit photos, you can easily crop them or apply masks over them using several iPhone apps. In the past, we have covered apps like PIP Camera and SymbolGram, both of which allow you to use different masks to cut photos into patterns of your choice. While no app is likely to rival the vast collection of frames offered by PIP Camera, the app could have been a bit better in terms of customization options and sharing. SymbolGram, on the other hand, lacks variety. ClipCrop is a new app of this genre, and it seems to have found the perfect balance between simplicity and variety. The app offers a decent number of masks, a great UI, and plenty of sharing options.

ClipCrop iOS Fit ClipCrop-iOS-Selecting-color

ClipCrop is ready to use as soon as it has been downloaded; there is no support for accounts, or lengthy tutorials when you launch the app. The welcome screen simply offers you to load a photo from the image library of your device. Once a photo has been imported, you can adjust its size by manually dragging it around, or using one of the many frames available in the app. Hit the hovering ‘Auto-Fit’ toggle to make the photo fill the entire frame. To apply a predefined frame to the photo, use the bottom bar of the screen. The icons listed there represent different categories of frames, and all of them offer several choices. If you choose a frame that leaves some blank space around the edges, it is possible to apply a color to this empty area. You can choose one of the existing colors, or create a new one using the RGB sliders.

ClipCrop iOS Mask ClipCrop-iPhone-result-share

To crop the photo to a mask, tap the second icon in the top bar. A few masks are available for free while others have to be unlocked by making a one-time in-app purchase of $1.99. Within a mask, the image can be adjusted by dragging it around manually.

For sharing, ClipCrop offers buttons for Instagram, Facebook, email and Twitter. If there is an app that isn’t listed in the sharing menu by default, it is possible to use the ‘Open in’ button to make the photo show up in it.

ClipCrop is a free, universal app. Some might deem the in-app purchase to be just a little bit steep but if you think the app’s way of handling photos is good enough, the investment might be worthwhile. Give ClipCrop a shot by heading to the following link.

Download ClipCrop For iOS

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