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ColorStrokes Comes To iPad, Offers Familiar Color Splash Photo Editing

Being one of the most popular photo editors on OS X, Color Splash Studio caused quite a bit of excitement when it made the leap from Mac to iPhone. The service changed its name to ColorStrokes shortly after its iPhone release, and now, an iPad variant of the app, labeled ColorStrokes HD, is available on the iTunes App Store. You won’t find any major differences between the iPhone and iPad apps, but the latter utilizes the tablet’s larger screen real-estate to allow easier handling of brushes, and thus, more intricate editing. More details after the jump.

ColorStrokes HD Colors Brush-tweaks

The app lets you import photos stored in your iPad’s photo library or your Facebook account. Alternatively, you may use your device’s camera to snap a picture and edit it right away. The three central buttons in the bottom bar are basically three different ways to contribute to the color splash effect. These reveal extra options if you long-press them. By default, all imported images are set to greyscale automatically. To change what will be the background monotone of the image, long-press the button in the middle to switch to one of the two additional options, namely, Bluetone and Sepia.


To start adding a color splash effect to the image, you may hold down on the Paint option to select a color of choice. Both predefined colors and a full palette are available in this section. Alternatively, you may use the Color tool to paint a mask over the image. Every thing under this mask retains its color while the rest of the image remains greyscale, sepia or bluetone. Hold down on the Color tool and select Hide Mask to see what the image will actually look like, or Clear Mask to start over.

Color-Mask-Shown Color-Mask-Hidden

If you make a mistake, you can quickly undo it by double-tapping anywhere on the screen. Double-tap again to redo the last action. Also, the button in the middle is effectively an eraser for the other two, so if you make a mistake that you’d rather rub out than undo entirely, switch to it and simply paint over the portion you want to remove the paint or mask from.

Whichever color splash option you choose, you should set the desired density, diameter and opacity of the brush before starting. Tap the Brush icon to tweak these values depending on the portion of the image you plan to paint over. For example, if you’re painting close to a particularly acute corner, you may want to increase the density and and reduce the diameter. You can also toggle Zoom Preview from here, which can help you see what you’re painting over as you do, helping you fill out even the smallest bits of the image with ease.

The Adjust button allows users to change hue, saturation and brightness values of the entire image, the Native Color (the color of the original image; applies over the masked area) or adjust the intensity of the filter applied over the Background.

ColorStrokes-HD-filters ColorStrokes HD Share

Like its iPhone counterpart, ColorStrokes HD lets you choose between three slightly different Effects, or rather, blending options, which are essentially three levels of detail for the resulting image.

Image sharing options include Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. You can also get your handiwork posted to a loved one via the Sincerely Postcard service.

ColorStrokes HD will set you back $0.99, the same amount that its iPhone version demands – a just price tag considering the feature set and convenience that the app offers.

Download ColorStrokes HD For iPad

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