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Send SMS & Mail From iOS Notification Center With Compose Widget

While iOS 5 brought the most revolutionary changes to the platform, iOS 6 fine-tuned those changes and made them almost perfect. Notification Center widgets have been around for quite a while now, but it was iOS 6 that unleashed their full potential. Apart from the usual stocks and weather widgets, there is now a sharing widget in NC as well that lets you compose a new tweet or Facebook status update with great efficiency and ease. Based on a similar concept, the newly released Compose add-on lets its users create messages and emails from within the Notification Center. By just tapping the buttons added by this widget to the NC, you get a composing environment without having to actually launch the stock Messages or Mail apps.

Compose iOS Enable Compose-iOS-NC Cydia tweak Compose iOS Mail

The tweak adds an entry of its own to the Notifications sections of the stock Settings app, but it was nowhere to be seen on our iPhone until we manually re-sprung the device using SBSettings. The Compose entry in the Notifications menu consists of nothing more than a simple toggle to enable and disable the widget.

The thing that makes Compose different from many other Cydia-based Notification Center widgets is its interface. It does not look like a forced addition to the NC, as Compose’s looks are just like the stock Share widget offered by iOS 6. Similar to Share that is divided into Facebook and Twitter parts, Compose has ‘New Mail’ and ‘New Message’ sections. The developer has been pretty thorough in the widget’s development, which is evident from the fact that Compose is compatible with most other NC widgets and in our case, it collaborated pretty well with biteSMS. Although the widget is supposed to take you to the stock Messages app if you use the SMS option, biteSMS users get that amazing app’s interactive quick compose window.

For emails, Compose shows a box within the Notification Center. The box looks like the mail composition area of the stock Mail client, but is actually opened as a standalone entity that can be dismissed using the ‘Cancel’ button.

Compose is a free widget, and offers quite useful functionality. Its interface might make you forget within a few days that it is not a stock feature of iOS, so there can be no harm in giving it a try. Head to the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store to install Compose on your device. The widget is only compatible with iOS 6 and doesn’t work with older firmware versions.

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