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Control iOS Orientation, Brightness & Volume With Tap & Swipe Gestures

It is certainly nothing new for Cydia tweaks to make use of gestures to change the values of screen brightness or the device’s volume level. Having said that, most such tweaks are not really a sight to behold, since they rarely use the default iOS HUDs or sliders, leading to a rather unflattering end product. Even if the looks are kept original, the gestures end up getting too complex to perform in daily routine. DoubleTap is a new Cydia tweak by Alan Yip that does a good job of bringing gestures to the party whenever you are in need of a quick way to change your iPhone’s screen brightness or volume level. With DoubleTap, you won’t have to decide upon an Activator gesture, since the tweak comes with a few predefined gestures and their corresponding actions. It even lets you toggle the orientation lock without entering the App Switcher tray.

DoubleTap iOS Settings DoubleTap iOS Gesture

As the name of the tweak suggests, DoubleTap focuses on accomplishing most of its tasks via a single gesture. There are different variations of the double tap gesture you have to use, but the developer has made sure that it isn’t too hard remembering all the combinations.

If you decide to go with the default DoubleTap settings, the state of the orientation lock can be changed by double-tapping the screen with three fingers. The gesture works on the SpringBoard, while you are in the lock screen or even inside apps. The orientation-related feature of DoubleTap might not be as elaborate as the actions offered by UIRotation, but it gets the job done.

You can choose to control the volume level or screen brightness of your device using DoubleTap, but not both of these at the same time. To perform your chosen action, just tap the screen twice, and then swipe vertically using three fingers. An upward swipe increases the volume/brightness level, while going in the other direction has the opposite effect.

All of the options offered by DoubleTap can be accessed by heading to the stock Settings app. You can choose to toggle off any of the actions, which makes the tweak completely customizable and ensures that users get to keep complete control over things.

DoubleTap is different from other gesture-based tweaks of this kind because it doesn’t just invoke a slider or toggle to control settings, it lets you actually make changes to your device via these gestures. It is available for free, and can be had from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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