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Control Music Library From iPhone Notification Center

I’ve never considered replacing the default Music app on my iPhone with a third-party one. You may or may not agree that the app is perfect but it gets the job done. You can still find a lot of music apps in the App Store and some of them are exceptionally popular. That said, even if you’re perfectly satisfied with the default music app, you might want to give Musica – Widget Player a try. It’s a free iOS app that, as its name implies is first and foremost a widget. The logical question to be asked is, do we need a music widget in the Notification Center when we can already play/pause songs, skip to the next or previous ones, and control volume from the lock screen and control center. The answer is yes because this widget-app puts your entire music library, all your playlists, and the shuffle and repeat song controls in the Notification Center. Before iOS 8, you could only get something like this on your iPhone if your device had been jailbroken.

Install the app and pull down the Notification Center where you’ll be alerted to a new widget’s availability. Tap Edit to add the Musica widget to the Notification Center.


The widget looks pretty ordinary but even with it collapsed you have more options available then you would with the normal music controls in the Control Center. Tap Ranking to bring up selections for Songs, Artists, Albums, Composers, and Genres which expand to list songs in their respective categories. Tap any song to play it.

The Playlists tab lets you play recent songs, any playlist that you may have created play one of the other auto-generated lists. The Playing tab is perhaps one of the best features of this widget. It lets you listen to other songs by the same artist, view which album and which artist a song is by, and if available, also lets you see composer information for the song.

Musica Musica_songs

In a nutshell, Musica widget is almost every feature of Music app made accessible from the Notification center. You can use it regardless of which app you’re in and switching to a different song is much easier.

Install Musica Widget Player From The App Store

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