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Create A Collage To Share On Instagram With Its New Layout App [iOS]

Instagram does filters, and wonderfully so. There are three things that it doesn’t so though; add text to an image, add a frame, or make a collage. To date, users have relied on other apps to compose photos before adding filters and sharing them from the Instagram app. Instagram has launched a brand new app called Layout which is basically a collage app with no more than eight layouts that you can choose from. Most of them are built to support two photos at a time with two able to support four photos in one, and one layout meant to support nine different photos at once. There are no frames but the images you add can be mirrored or flipped to compose a better photo. The app is free and available for iOS at present with an Android version slated for release in the coming months.

Launch the app and choose a photo and a layout to go with it. You can replace a photo in the collage any time before you save it or export it. Tap one of the frames within the photo to select a photo. Once you’ve selected both a layout and the photos to go in the respective frames proceed to editing it.

You can increase or decrease the size of a frame within the collage by selecting a frame and dragging the handle inward or outward. At the bottom of the edit screen are buttons for replacing a photo in the selected frame with another one, the mirror button to mirror a photo and a flip button to flip it.

Layout Layout_edit

You can save the photo to your camera roll, export it to Instagram, or open it in any other photo editing app when you’re done.

Objectively speaking, Layout does not have a lot of layouts even as far as free apps go. Frame Swagg offers more layouts as well as a frame feature but the the editing options in Layout from Instagram are unique. The frame size adjuster has the potential to be exceptionally popular. If nothing else, the feature certainly stands out. Let’s hope frames are added to the app soon.

Install Layout From Instagram From The App Store

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