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Create Color palettes On Your iPhone And Sync To Your Mac

Sip is an amazing Mac app released in 2012 that lets you pick colors from your screen and can convert them to 12 different color formats. By far, it’s one of my favorite and highly recommended utilities for anyone working on web or app design on a Mac. The developer has now released an iOS version of this amazing app, it’s free and I couldn’t help but take it for a spin. Sip Color is very close to what Adobe Color (formerly Adobe Kuler) had to offer when it first launched. You can create an account and back-up your color schemes to the cloud so that it’s also available on your Mac (provided you have Sip Pro installed). You can extract a color scheme either from live camera input, or from a picture in your camera roll.

Launch the app and adjust screen brightness. You can sign up for an account if you want but it isn’t mandatory to use the app. The schemes you create will be saved to your device, and will be backed up when you back up your phone. If you prefer to still sync them to the cloud, go ahead and create a free account by tapping the profile icon at the top right.

sip_brightness sip_account

To add a new palette, tap the plus button and select whether you want to create a theme from a photo or from live camera input. You can use both the front and back facing camera, and also turn the flash on. Sip creates five color themes and picks colors from the camera input or photo to add to the theme. You can see them all lined up at the bottom and when you like what you’ve got, tap the check button to save it.

sip_camera sip_picture

The themes can all be given names in the Palette screen. Tap a color in any scheme to get the color code for it, and also the name of the color. Tap the settings button on the color screen and you can play with the hue, saturation, brightness, and the Alpha channel to create a new color and compare the new and old one side-by-side. Swipe right and click the share button to automatically go to the Mail app with the subject field  already filled with the name of the theme, and each color already listed in the message body.

sip_color sip_mail_theme

Compared to Adobe Color, Sip Color for iOS doesn’t let you choose how many colors you want in your scheme. Adobe Color had a lot of rich preset options for the number of colors and you could limit it to monotones or tri-tones. That said, Sip Color lets you play around with a color in your scheme and even compare the new one with the old which isn’t something Adobe Color does. Feature-wise, Adobe has the upper-hand while Sip is low-key and simple.

Ever since Adobe Color came out, I’ve had it on my phone and I’m going to keep Sip Color as well. It’s a matter of time and usage before I learn which one I gravitate more towards.

Install Sip Color From The App Store

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