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WeTime: Create Meetings, Share Via SMS & Email With RSVP & iCloud Sync [iOS]

Scheduling meetings is not fun. It doesn’t matter if you use every form of communication out there to let everyone know about the meeting and everyone confirms their attendance. There will be still be someone arriving late, someone cancelling at the last minute, or someone who just didn’t know about the meeting despite confirming their participation within minutes of the invite being sent out. Having established that meetings are hard to schedule, you shouldn’t have to kill yourself trying to schedule them. WeTime is an iOS application that makes planning meetings on your iPhone exceptionally easy. The app has a service working in the background and it can add events that sync with iCloud. A meeting, once created, can be sent to others by email and text message. People you invite to the meeting can respond either from their browser or from the WeTime app if they have it installed on their device. You can indicate your own availability for an event and see how many of your total participants agreed to the given time slot. Participants can in turn leave comments and suggest alternative time slots.

The app is complex and it will take some time for you to learn all its features and how best to utilize them.  Add your first meeting by entering a name for it and select the meeting duration. The app then lets you select a time slot for the meeting by connecting with the Calendar app on your phone. You can add a location, and a description of the meeting which can include the meeting agenda.

WeTime name WeTime time slot




Once the details have been filled in, the app will ask you to add your name. This is a one time step and you can edit your name later from the app’s settings. The point is to let everyone know who created this meeting. When you’re done, it’s time to share the meeting with people you want to invite. This is where you will appreciate the app better; it lets you share the meeting/event via email or text message. The information you filled in when you set the meeting up is auto filled in the message that is sent. This default template can be edited from the app’s settings.

WeTime invite  WeTime message


For each event, you get a dashboard and a tab that lets you indicate your availability. Likewise, people can suggest alternative time slots if the one you proposed doesn’t suit them. In the end, as the admin of a meeting, you can see how many people agreed to a time slot and how many indicated they couldn’t make it.

WeTime availability  WeTime votes


The app’s settings let you edit the default message template, manage account sync, push notifications, and calendars.

WeTime settings WeTime settings1

The app is what you would consider a complete suit for creating and sharing events but it is going to be confusing at first simply because of its complexity. What remains a mystery to me is why my meetings say no date has been decided for a meeting despite participants confirming their availability during the time slots. There doesn’t seem to be a way to add a confirmed date to an event either.

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