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Create & Share Layered Photo Editing Templates On iPhone With Studio Design

Just yesterday, we covered Moxie – an iPhone app that lets you create your own photo filters. In our review of the app, we pointed out that Moxie is not the first app of its kind, and there have been other similar photo editors in the past as well. In essence, Studio Design is just one more addition to this genre, but that’s not how the app is touted by the developer, and to be honest, this new release does have a lot of merits that we haven’t seen before. Studio Design lets its users edit any photo they want, and it has an impressive number of options available for that purpose. The app offers layer-based editing, along with a variety of readymade filters, clip art, and masks. Also, everything you create in Studio Design gets shared with other users, so that they can also use your settings for editing their photos in the same way.

Studio Design iOS Feed Studio Design iOS Search

When you first launch it, Studio Design guides you through its registration process step-by-step. Just provide the app with your email address, name and profile picture, and you are good to go. Studio Design has a complete ‘follow’ system of its own, and suggests some interesting profiles to help you get started. For users who connect their Facebook account with the app, it is even possible to follow their Facebook friends on Studio Design.

The first tab in the app lists posts from everyone you follow. Below each post, there are comments, likes and a button to recycle. From the extra options accessible via the top-right button, you can bookmark an image or report it as inappropriate. To find posts that have particular keywords associated with them, use the looking-glass icon from the bottom bar. The same option is useful for finding new users to follow.

Studio Design iOS Layers Studio Design iOS Filter Studio Design iOS Objecrts

If you want to edit an existing design, hit the small recycle button below it. Creating a new design from scratch requires tapping the big ‘+’ icon in the middle of the bottom bar. Photos can be imported from the camera roll or snapped using the camera to use as a base of your design. To edit an existing layer, hit its corresponding entry from the Studio Design menu. For image layers, there are filters, cropping frames and masks. and Studio Design offers adjustment options for almost all these objects, which let you change the intensity and orientation of the frame. Like most other good photo editors, the layers in this app can be toggled and edited individually.

If you keep your photos public, Studio Design shares them with everyone who follows you, along with their design parameters. Images can also be posted to other social networks right from the app’s sharing page.

Studio Design is a free app, albeit with a few in-app purchases that unlock extra themes and filters. Give it a go by heading to the following link.

Install Studio Design from App Store

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