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Create Photo Cutouts & Use Them As Augmented Reality Effects With PhotoWithMe For iPhone

Photo stitching and merging two images together might be an easy task for the Photoshop savvy, but most common folk spend hours trying to get the combination right. How many times have you wished that you could change the background of your photo, or add someone to a group shot? While there are many comprehensive photo editors available for iOS, PhotoWithMe offers a completely new take on adding details and objects to your photos. The app makes use of augmented reality to overlay any cutout (labeled seed) on the scene in front of you. You can create your own augmented reality effects, or employ any of the ones shared by other users.

PhotoWithMe iOS News PhotoWithMe iOS Feed Square PhotoWithMe iOS Seed Factory

You will have to sign up for an account using your email or Facebook ID to use the app. PhotoWithMe acts like a nice combination of a social network and a camera app (much like Instagram), but unlike most of its competitors, this app lets you add whole objects to pictures rather than conventional effects. My News and Feed Square tabs constitute the social part, and in these sections, you can view all the latest shares from your friends and people you follow. Feed Square lets you browse through the most popular shares on the app’s network. Any PhotoWithMe user can leave comments and likes on publicly shared photos.

Seed Square is the area where the real magic happens. There are tons of seeds are available here, and you can add any of them to your camera by hitting the Collect button. If you don’t want to use seeds created by others, tap the camera icon located in the top-right corner and enter Seed Factory. This section lets you create new cutouts from photos stored in your iPhone’s picture library. The procedure involved in specifying the area of the photo that you wish to cut out is quite delicate and mostly similar to the one employed by AfterFocus. As the precision required for making a perfect seed is tough to achieve on an iDevice, you can go to www.photowith.me and create new seeds there.

PhotoWithMe iOS Seeds PhotoWithMe iOS Post

Hit the camera button at the bottom to access all the seeds you have created yourself or have collected from others. You can only choose one seed at a time, which will then appear on the preview screen right away. You can resize the seed using pinch and expand gestures, while dragging it around will change the orientation and position. Photos snapped via PhotoWithMe can be shared over Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Even if you don’t link any of these services with the app, the image will be published to PhotoWithMe’s own network. Pictures are saved automatically to the camera roll, but with a tiny watermark of the app in one corner.

PhotoWithMe is a free app, and is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. Give the app a shot if you are looking to edit some photos for laughs, or are looking for an easy way to, say, add a friend to your graduation pics.

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