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How To Create Visually Stunning Instagram Stories

Instagram is a visual social app. Images make up the entirety of its content and the best images get the most views. Brands in particular make excellent use of this. They have the resources at their disposal to craft stunning images. Of course, not everyone has the same resources and that shouldn’t mean you have to create less visually appealing images. There are a myriad of tools that can help you create visually stunning Instagram stories and posts. We recommend giving Unfold: Stories a try. It’s an iOS app worth $ 1.99 that lets you create amazing looking Instagram stories via gorgeous templates.

Create Visually Stunning Instagram Stories

Install Unfold: Stories and tap the plus button at the top to compose your first story. Give it a name and then tap the story to start creating images.

Your new story is blank to begin with. The template pages that Unfold has are all shown at the bottom. Swipe through them and tap the one you want to use. Some templates are text only, others are image only, and there are a few hybrids that include both text and image. There’s a fairly decent number of templates for you to use.

Add a photo  and preview it by tapping the eye button at the bottom left.

For templates that let you add text, you can increase or decrease the text size but you cannot change the color of the text. You can edit the title and descriptions separately so that one has a larger font than the other. There aren’t any font selections available and you pretty much only have a white framed theme.

When you’ve composed your story, tap the download button at the top right. You can save the current page, or all the pages i.e. the entire story to your camera roll. To upload them, you will need to open Instagram. Unfold doesn’t upload the images for you.


The templates in Unfold are gorgeous. It doesn’t let you change the color of the text and it has no other color themes which is its only limitation. On the surface of it, this might seem like a major drawback but the templates for the pages are clean and it’s hard to imagine they would fall short for any sort of need. They will look best if your images are in muted color but the white frame and the deep grey text can bring out vibrant images just as well. If you’re worried about the text not being visible on an image, the template makes sure that never happens. The text is either on a solid white background or a grey overlay. We’re only sorry this is just for Instagram stories and not regular posts. It’s an amazing app that shouldn’t be limited to stories especially now that you can post multiple photos in a single Instagram post.

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