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Create A WiFi Network Blacklist & Get Connectivity Alerts On iOS With NotifyWifi

SBSettings is the first thing that compels many users to jailbreak their iPhone as soon as some developer comes up with a solution to get Cydia working on the latest iOS version. Within SBSettings, the most useful thing is its easily accessible dropdown window, housing a string of options including several system toggles. While all these toggles are really useful, the WiFi control is probably the most frequently used. During the course of the day, most users switch between multiple WiFi networks, making the WiFi section of the Settings app really important. As the internet umbrella continues expanding, more and more WiFi hotspots are becoming available publicly. If you like keeping your device’s WiFi on, it might end up connecting to networks you wish to avoid, without you ever noticing. Tweaks like AutoProtect and CleverPin can give you some indication regarding connectivity, but its still not as clear as getting a proper notification. That’s what NotifyWifi does. This tweak sends users a push notification every time they connect to a WiFi network or there is a change in the network’s status. NotifyWifi can also be used to keep your device from ever connecting to some networks automatically.

NotifyWifi iOS Settings NotifyWifi iOS Notification NotifyWifi iOS NC

By default, NotifyWifi sends a push notifications every time you turn the WiFi on and a network is found. A notification is also generated when a network goes off, or is out of range and your iPhone makes a new connection. This means that the user is never caught unaware and has a grip on where things stand in terms of WiFi. The notifications shown by NotifyWifi appear in the status bar, and later reside in the Notification Center. Tapping the notification opens the WiFi section of the Settings app.

That is all for the default behavior of NotifyWifi, but there are ways you can change the tweak to better suit your needs. From the stock Settings app, the NotifyWifi white lists and black lists can be configured. If getting too many notifications bothers you, add the SSIDs of your trusted WiFi points to the white list. The tweak just ignores the networks residing in the white list, and no notifications are generated for them. The black list, on the other hand, contains the names of networks that your device should never connect to automatically. This can help users protect their privacy, as using public WiFi in shady places can cause trouble at times.

NotifyWifi costs $0.99, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. The tweak works with both iOS 5 and iOS 6.

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