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Completely Customize iOS 7 Control Center & Hide Its Sections With CleanCC

CCToggles and FlipControlCenter are just two of the tweaks that have been released to augment or customize the iOS 7 Control Center. There are many other tweaks in the jailbreak store that are aimed at the Control Center, which is proof that the new feature has already garnered a lot of attention from developers. Tinkering with the available toggles and options can be really useful in many cases, but if you are looking to alter the overall layout of the Control Center, CleanCC is the tweak to use. With CleanCC, users can hide certain sections of the Control Center, as well as the separators between these sections. In addition to that, the tweak lets you change the dimensions of the Control Center, and it does so intelligently by automatically rearranging the remaining sections to fill up the chosen space.

CleanCC iOS Settings CleanCC iOS View

All 5 sections of the Control Center can be turned off separately using CleanCC. The available options are capable of affecting the following sections:

  • Settings
  • Brightness
  • MediaCotrols
  • AirDrop / AirPlay
  • Quickstart

Before you get down to turning off all the sections just for fun, it must be remembered that the developer warns users to keep at least one section on. If all sections are toggled off, the device just crashes.

In addition to hiding sections, you can use CleanCC simply to remove the separators between these sections. Getting rid of these lines gives the Control Center a cleaner look and provides a smooth overall look. Depending upon the sections you have chosen to keep in the Control Center, the ‘Set Height of Control Center’ slider can come in handy to make the customization complete. If you increase the Control Center’s height when there are not too many sections in it, the remaining sections are organized vertically to utilize the space better.

In order for the changes to take effect, CleanCC requires users to respring their device after each alteration. For this purpose, there is a dedicated button at the end of the tweak’s menu. Once the screen is back on after the respring, you can launch the Control Center and enjoy its new look.

For now, CleanCC does not make any distinction between the CC view from the lock screen and the one that shows up on the SpringBoard. If the developer adds the option to choose separate looks for each area, the tweak can be even more useful than it currently is.

CleanCC is a free tweak, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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