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Swipe To Open & Tap To Dismiss iOS Notification Banners With Cybernetic

Not everyone might use their iPhone this way, but I rarely feel the need to use notification banners in order to jump from the current app to a new one. Thanks to Notification Center, there is no need to hurry in responding to notifications, so you can keep on playing Temple Run a little more before checking what exactly your friend has said on Facebook. One course of action is to wait for the banner to go away on its own but if you are too impatient, a simple swipe is all it takes to make the alert go away. Alternative methods of quickly dismissing notification banners include Cydia tweaks like NCQuickDismiss and Sticky Icky. All these tweaks, however, fail to solve a very basic problem, which is the accidental tapping of the banner that launches the notification’s app, taking you away from the app you are currently using. Cybernetic might just be the perfect solution for this problem, as it makes the default launching gesture dismiss the app, and comes with customization options as well.


Cybernetic has three main options, and all of them can be toggled from the menu added to the stock Settings app by the tweak. First of all, you have to enable Cybernetic using the first option provided in its menu.

The real fun, however, begins when you start tinkering with the options listed under the ‘Notification Banner Options’ section. If you want the banners to go away if you tap them once, toggle on the first option in this section. Of course, this means that the default way of launching apps using notifications is rendered useless, but Cybernetic has a way around this. Swipe across the banner if you want to launch the app, which means that the functionality of both gestures is swapped. The dismissed notifications stay in the Notification Center, so you don’t have to worry about losing any important alerts due to Cybernetic.

If you keep the ‘Pan to launch App’ option off, the banners can never launch apps directly, but you can go a step further and disable all banners completely as well. The ‘No more Banners’ toggle is a Do Not Disturb of sorts, but it lets all the phone calls and notification come through to keep you in the loop to some extent.

Cybernetic keeps notification banners visually appealing, as it doesn’t add a button of its own to the mix and operates solely on gestures. The tweak is free, and can be downloaded from the ModMyi repo of Cydia store.

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