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Digitize & Combine Real-Life Notes On iOS With ‘Edit & Share’

Times might have changed, but the practice of jotting down notes during presentations still as useful as ever. Smartphones and tablets have started assisting people in this endeavor to some extent, but some still prefer written text over typing it or making audio/video recordings. You can easily snap a picture of someone else’s notes, or capture everything your teacher/boss might have written on the whiteboard, but it is always a nightmare to try and keep these random pictures organized. On a computer, you might organize photos from particulars lecture or presentation in their individual folders, but the same can’t be easily done on an iPhone or iPad. With Edit & Share however, you can create separate projects for photos that are related to each other. There are plenty of editing options in the app that let users stitch images together, crop them or add text notes to make everything searchable.

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If you are a little confused regarding the app’s functionality, help is available in the FAQ list of the ‘Find Out More’ section. To ensure that you are always ready to snap a picture of your notes or important papers, Edit & Share does not require much configuration; simply tap the ‘Capture Project’ option to launch the app’s camera or if the desired image is already in the camera roll, hit the ‘Photos’ icon at the top of the screen. Once a photo has been snapped or loaded, you can add more pictures to the editing area by hitting the ‘+Photo’ button.

It is possible to drag a photo to any position you want, overlap it with other images, or use one of the editing options available in the side and bottom bars. Images can be rotated, resized and zoomed, thanks to the three options offered in the sidebar. There are some useful options available below the image area too. If you are satisfied with the placement of photos, you can group them together using the ‘Stitch’ option. You will also find controls for cropping, moving and copying parts of pictures on the options bar.

The ‘Contrast/Color’ mode offers two versions of the edited image: black and white (suitable for text), and colored. You can alter the two variants using the slider provided above the photo. Lastly, Edit & Share allows you to add notes to images, and share them on Facebook, Twitter or Email. These notes are overlaid with the photo, and can be formatted using many options. You can indent the text, changing its color, and choose a suitable font size. You can also add your current GPS location information to the project for future reference.

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Other than being good as memory aids, the notes you add to photos act as tags that make it possible for you to search for a particular image quickly. Saved projects and the images they contain can be searched using their location, date of creation, title and notes. Edit & Share supports two formats for saving projects. If you want higher quality, save the project as PNG, while if file size is a concern for you, go for JPG.

Edit & Share is a universal and free app. There can be plenty of other uses for it, but students are sure to find the app perfect for keeping a neat collection of class notes.

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