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Directr Is A Movie Maker App For iPhone That Handles Video Editing By Itself

Today’s age is all about automation. For now, we have a boatload of smartphone apps that offer a ton of options for accomplishing rather simple tasks like shooting and sharing photos, but everyone is sure to love an app that has the ability of making all the decisions for you and can come up with an acceptable end product. Directr is a step in that very direction. This iPhone app creates professional-looking movies and asks users to do nothing more than point their device’s camera at the subject of their choice. Everything from background music to transition effects between scenes is handled by the app automatically. To top it all off, Directr is full of ideas for new movies, so if you can’t figure out exactly what you should shoot, just launch the app and you are sure to find plenty of inspiration.

Directr iOS Explore Directr iOS Inspiration

A bit disappointingly, the only way of using Directr is to associate your Facebook account with it. The developers have promised to add email sign up to the mix in the near future, but for now you will have to grant Directr access to your Facebook account.

To ease users into the whole Directr experience, the app shows the ‘Explore’ section before anything else. Here, you can see movies the app has created for other users, or even start using an existing video as the template for your own movie by hitting the ‘direct it’ button. The app shows the total number of views, likes and shares for the current video. If a movie is public, you can save it to your camera roll or post it to Facebook.

Directr iOS Storyboard Directr iOS Rough Cut

To help you get started with a movie, Directr has plenty of ‘Storyboards’. These can be seen as templates meant to guide users through each shot of the movie. You can search for a particular keyword in the list of all available storyboards, or pick one of the featured ones from the library. You can also start with a blank storyboard and make your choices as you go.

Basically, users have to do nothing more than shooting video clips of up to 10 seconds. The total number of clips depends upon the storyboard you choose. While shooting these mini clips, Directr offers inspiration by showing a model movie of the selected template. Once you have filmed all the scenes of your movie, view the ‘Rough Cut’ and when you are satisfied, leave the rest to Directr. The app adds music, transition effects and some extra frames all by itself. The entire processing takes just a few moments and when everything is ready, you get a notification via email. Finished movies can be kept private, or you can choose to let others use the clip as a template for their storyboard.

Directr is a free, iPhone-optimized app. Do take it for a whirl if you want some extra flair in your everyday videos without any additional effort.

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