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Disable CoverFlow In iPhone Music App For Use In Landscape Mode

There are many features of iOS that are quite beautiful, but don’t really get called into action too frequently, and might even hamper the platform’s usefulness to some extent. Take the CoverFlow view in the stock Music app, for instance. It is very attractive, but to be honest, it causes inconvenience most of the times, specially if you don’t have orientation lock turned on. Most people are used to seeing the Music app in portrait orientation, but even in the alternative, CoverFlow obscures the song list view, and you are not likely to enjoy browsing through your music library if it is not presented to you in an alphabetically arranged list. Even a simple task like changing a song takes more time using CoverFlow. So, won’t it be nice if there was some way of getting rid of the rather-elegant-but-less-functional album covers in the Music app completely? Thanks to the talented Cydia developer, Ryan Petrich’s new tweak named NoCoverFlow, you won’t see the album art tiles ever again on your iPhone. The tweak doesn’t just remove CoverFlow; it replaces it with a neat Now Playing window.

NoCoverFlow After Playlist NoCoverFlow After

NoCoverFlow does not add any new menu to the stock Settings app, or an icon to the Springboard of your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. As soon as the tweak is installed, it takes effect and removes CoverFlow completely. If a song is currently playing, you will see its lyrics and album art on the screen when he device is held in landscape mode. Tapping the screen brings up music controls, including volume, pause/play, rewind and forward. If you want to change the song while still holding the iPhone horizontally, just hit the back button located in the top left corner of the screen. The song list is the same as it is in portrait mode, and you can browse through it easily.

Although the tweak works perfectly most of the time, it did act a bit strange for us on a few occasions. For one thing, the alphabetical indicators that let users jump to a new location are a little disturbed, and some letters might not appear. Apart from such minor glitches, NoCoverFlow is highly recommended if you are not really a fan of CoverFlow mode in the stock iOS Music app. The tweak is available as a free download in the Cydia store, but you might not be able to find it with a simple search, as it is hosted in the developer’s personal repo. Just go to the Sources menu in the jailbreak store, and add the following URL to it in order to enjoy NoCoverFlow.


Did you like the tweak, or Ryan Petrich’s work in general? Let us know what you think.


  1. Finally!!! Needed it desperately for the car where I use it primarily as a gps device in landscape orientation. But, whenever I need to change playlists, I would have to pull it out of the dock, hold it vertically, before I could do anything. This alone is worth the jailbreak for me. Thank you Ryan.

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