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How To Disable Touch ID From The Lock Screen In iOS

Touch ID is one the more innovative things to come to iOS. It’s not just for unlocking your device. It also lets you make payments, authenticate a purchase in the App Store, and as of iOS 11 grant trusted access to a computer you connect your device to. Where Touch ID is incredibly powerful and convenient to use, it can be a security risk too. Touch ID is much easier to use to unlock a phone then say entering the passcode. If we’re talking about legal rights, you can’t be made to give up your passcode but you might coerced to use your Touch ID. Fortunately you can disable Touch ID from the lock screen in iOS.

To disable Touch ID from the lock screen, you need to make use of the Emergency SOS feature that lets you discretely dial an emergency number on your iPhone. This feature only works in India but that won’t prevent you from using it to disable Touch ID from the lock screen.

Open the Settings app and go to Emergency SOS. Turn off the ‘Autocall’ option. That’s all. Now, whenever you need to disable Touch ID from the lock screen, simply press the power button five times in quick succession.

You will see the following screen. You can tap ‘Cancel’ if you have the time or you can do nothing and the screen will dismiss itself. After that, if you try to use Touch ID to unlock your phone, it won’t work. You will need to enter your passcode to get to your phone. Once you enter the passcode though, Touch ID can be used to unlock your phone again.

If you have the ‘Autocall’ feature enabled and don’t want to turn it off you can still use this feature but with extreme caution. Clicking the power button five times will automatically initiate the emergency call. If you aren’t experiencing an emergency then you have to cancel the call before the timer runs out. If you think you won’t be able to cancel it then it’s best to turn off your phone.

When you turn off your phone, and turn it on again, Touch ID is disabled by default. You will have to enter your passcode to unlock it. This might be a slightly inconvenient way to disable Touch ID but if you’re in a hurry, it works. Yet another alternative way is to use the wrong finger to unlock your phone. After five consecutive failed attempts to unlock the phone, Touch ID will be disabled.

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