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Discover Events & Places While Travelling With TripWhat For iPhone

It is better to plan ahead of time if you are going to take a tour of a new city, but not everyone wants to spend a lot of time just trying to draw up plans that might not get followed at all. Besides, the whole point of sightseeing is to maintain a sense of adventure, which might be diminished if you try and plan too much. iOS apps like TimeTraveler are capable of automatically planning an entire trip just by looking at your destination and available time. TripWhat, on the other hand, lets users keep the control of their travels in their own hand, while providing assistance only when needed. Using this app, you can find worth-visiting places, concerts and tourist destinations anywhere in the world.

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By default, TripWhat looks for places near your current location, but it is possible to switch to other cities as well. For some reason, the search bar works only for U.S. & Canada, but you can view POIs of other areas by manually going to their map location within the app. There are three types of suggestions that TripWhat makes. You can discover events, attractions and places to eat. These three things are usually what tourists are looking for, so you won’t be missing much even if you rely solely on TripWhat as your tour guide.

For those of you who prefer a list view of things rather than sorting through little pins on maps, TripWhat offers an easy way of deciding where to go next. Just swipe upwards on the bottom bar, and a collection of all nearby places will appear. The list can be sorted using the three available filters. The restaurants use UrbanSpoon ratings, and some of them even have user reviews. If you really like an event discovered using TripWhat, it is possible to make reservations for it via SeatGeek. Any event or place can be bookmarked if you plan to make it a part of your excursions. This ‘My Trip’ list is accessible through the icon located next to the search box.

The ‘Directions’ button in TripWhat doesn’t provide help within the app, but rather directs users to the stock iOS Maps app. TripWhat doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles that are on offer in Yahoo’s TimeTraveler, but if you are looking for an uncomplicated trip planner on your iPhone, this app is sure to help. You can download it for your iPhone/iPod touch without spending anything, or there is the possibility of using the service from your desktop by visiting the official TripWhat website.

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