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Find Interesting Twitter Users To Follow With Discovr People For iOS

Despite the fact that an average Twitter user follows well over a hundred people, it can be difficult to come across new people who regularly tweet what you find interesting to read. Twitter offers the Discover section of course, but that’s quite limited, to say the least, and does not focus much on people due to the presence of Trends, popular tweets and region-wise hashtags. Discovr People might be the best choice for anyone who wishes to find interesting and relevant Twitter users, and that too in a really neat and easy-to-understand manner. All you have to do is enter anyone’s Twitter handle, and this iOS app will come up with a graphical connection chart, listing all the important and active people who have interacted with the target user in the recent past. You can expand the connections tree by hitting the icon of any profile shown as a node of the original chart. Discovr People even lets you view public profiles within the app, complete with past tweets, listed connections and other parts of their account.

Discovr People Search Discovr People iOS Map Discovr People iOS Options

Discovr People needs a Twitter account set up on your iPhone or iPad in order to work. When launched for the first time, the app asks for permission to access your account. After granting it the permission, you’ll be presented with the app’s main interface. The primary feature here is the text box in the center of the home screen but before we dive into that, let’s take a look at the bottom bar. This area of the app allows you to manage your Twitter lists. You can find new and interesting lists in the Top Lists tab, while the Your Lists and Listed In sections show information from your own account. However, list management is just a secondary feature of the app, and the real fun begins when you enter a Twitter handle in the search box.

As soon as you start typing a twitter user’s username, the app starts to generate suggestions to help you in bringing up the map quickly and more efficiently. The Discovr People map shows a small percentage of connections; the displayed nodes are the users who are most frequently mentioned by your searched person, thus making them the most relevant. Any user’s profile in the map can be expanded further (just tap its icon once) to reveal their own frequently mentioned connections. The top menu accessible from the top-right icon lets you share a tree via social media or email, and you can even choose to follow anyone right from the tree view by taping and holding your finger over their profile icon.

Discovr People iOS Profile Discovr People iOS List

The profile viewer in Discovr People is as comprehensive as any you will find in a Twitter client for iOS. There are separate tabs for connections, tweets, mentions, following and favorites. You can go back to the chart view by hitting the back arrow from the top bar, or by tapping Show on Map. The options to follow and Add to List are available on each profile as well.

Discovr People is a universal app and has recently gone free from $0.99. You should definitely give it a try if you think your Twitter timeline has been lacking in quality lately, or if you simply want to look for some more interesting people to follow based on relevant interests and connections shared with those you already follow.

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