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Done Not Done Is A Smart iPhone To-Do App For Books, Movies & Music

A lot of my friends recommend movies and books to me that are really interesting but most of the time, I forget these suggestions pretty quickly. You can always note such suggestions down, but a proper list is always easier to manage than a drab snippet of text. However, it seems a little counter-intuitive to add such recommendations to your reminders. What you need is an app like Done Not Done. Designed for the iPhone, this app acts like a manageable wishlist that keeps track of all the activities you plan to pursue in your free time. In addition to manually entering names of books, movies, songs, audiobooks and other items, you also get recommendations from the app itself based on the activities of your Twitter and Facebook friends.

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Done Not Done asks its users to sign up for a new account using their email ID. Once you have chosen a username and password, the app also recommends that you connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. If any of your contacts are using the app, it is easy to follow them so that their preferences can influence the recommendations made by Done Not Done. These suggestions are listed in the section named ‘Ideas’. Like most other parts of Done Not Done, the Ideas section is divided into tabs including ‘Watch’, ‘Read’, ‘Listen’ and ‘All’. You can also switch between suggestions generated for you and recommendations that your friends are following these days.

To add a recommendation made to you by someone verbally, hit the ‘Find + Add’ button and enter any relevant keyword you want. The app uses color-coding to help you distinguish easily between books, audio and movies. It is also possible to rate items and add notes for them for the benefit of other users. If an item is merely on your wish list for now, choose the ‘Not done’ option. When you have read, listened to or watched an item in the ‘Not Done’ list, simply mark it as Done and the app will ask you to rewrite its associated note and give it a rating. Any recommendations discovered on Done Not Done can be shared directly on Facebook or Twitter if you want to suggest them to people who aren’t using the app.

Done Not Done is a fresh release, and therefore there are a few bugs that it suffers from. You might face some difficulties in creating an account, and the app took ages to go through my Twitter friends list. Having said that, Done Not Done is not bad at all for a free app considering its utility. Give this iPhone app a shot by heading to the following link.

Download Done Not Done For iOS

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