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Done Offers Gesture-Based Goal Tracking & To-Do Lists On iPhone

Whenever you try and make some improvements to your life, it is essential to have proper motivation and if you can’t find it within yourself, there are plenty of apps for that. We have already covered Lift and Mentor: two apps that can help you cultivate new habits in your life. There is another, much simpler approach to the whole thing as well though. By merely maintaining a wishlist, or a collection of your future goals, it can be possible to bring a lot of positives to your daily routine. Done Not Done can be considered one such app, but it focuses just on one specific genre: entertainment. The newly released Done for iPhone is a lot more generic, and can be used to log any goals you might want to achieve in the near or distant future. The app works completely on gestures, and looks pretty neat, too.

Done iOS Done iOS Calendar Done iOS Settings

To add a new task to Done, hit the big ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen. To add an entry to the app’s main page, you just have to define a title, and select a date. Based on the choice of date, Done sorts your goals into three categories: those that have to finished within a day are under short goals, ones with a deadline between two to four days are mid-range, while anything more than that makes a long-term goal. These values are just the ones that come with Done by default, and it is possible to change the duration of each from the settings menu. Other options in Settings can be used to control notifications, icon badges, and app sounds.

Done is a minimal-looking app and offers its users plenty of variations when it comes to looks. Swipe across the top of the screen to change the main Done theme; there are five different colors that can be applied to the app’s buttons and header.

To update a task that has been added to Done, simple swipe its entry to the left of the screen. Swiping in the opposite direction adds a little star next to the task, marking it as important. If an entry’s description is too long and doesn’t fully show up in the main list, long-press it. Deleting tasks is not the easiest of feats, since the developer has chosen to assign a rather difficult gesture to it (two-fingered swipe to the right). Using two finger to move a task to the lift reveals an email button.

Done is a free app optimized for iPhone / iPod touch. Give it a go if you are looking for a really simple, yet elegant to-do list app.

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