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Download Files Directly On Your iPhone & View Them In A Library [Paid]

Long before there were smartphones, there existed feature phones and Nokia ruled that market. Feature phones came with memory cards and with most you could plug them into your system and copy files to directly them. Then came smartphones and everyone had a different way of how the file system should work when connected to a computer. Android phones still let you treat the phone as a mass storage device but iOS is more restrictive. You can save movies and photos to your camera roll from your mobile browser but that’s about it. Saving files from your Gmail, or downloading a zipped file to your device without apps like Dropbox is not possible. Meet Quik downloader, an iOS app worth $1.99 in the App Store that lets you directly download files from Safari and Chrome. The app is exceptionally smart; it works as an extension and scans an entire page for download links. You can choose which files to download and then view them in the app’s own library. You must be running iOS 8 or above for the app to work.

Install Quik downloader and open a web page with a download link on it. Tap the more button and enable the extension. Once it’s enabled, tap the Download with Quick action button to send the page link to the app.

Quik downloader_enable Quik downloader

The app scans the page for all available download links. You get a complete list of every item that the app can download. You can start multiple downloads at once simply by tapping the little arrow button next to each item. When you’re done, tap the Download button at the top right to begin the download. For larger files, you will be able to see file download progress but smaller files downlaod in seconds. Return to the app and you can view the files in its library. The library is divided into three tabs; All files, Documents, and Media.

Quik downloader_link Quik downloader_library

A floating button at the bottom right lets you access the app’s settings which is the only way to toggle between the browser, the downloads that are in progress, and the files that have successfully downloaded.

Quik downloader_settings_  Quik downloader_settings

Quik has a built-in browser and you can force it to always show the desktop version of a website. The app, while very basic, is something I’ve personally wanted on my iPhone for ages. It’s taken iOS 8 to something get like it but it’s here at last.

Install Quick Downloader From The App Store


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