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Easily Download Any Vine Video To Your iPhone With VineDownloader

Ever since Vine was introduced, people have been looking for more ways to share its videos with their friends. For now, you can post vines to Twitter, revine them from the app, or embed them in different posts. None of these options, however, can rival downloading Vine videos to your device for offline use. In the past, we have already seen one such service for Mac users, which turns vines into GIFs. Using Vine outside a smartphone isn’t always the easiest of tasks though, which might give the newly released VineDownloader Cydia tweak an edge over services like VineGifR. VineDownloader works completely on its own, without requiring any intervention from the app’s embedding features or web sharing. You just have to press a single button and the Vine video of your choice is saved to the camera roll.

VineDownloader iOS Settings VineDownloader iOS Save

VineDownloader is a fairly uncomplicated tweak. It does not need to be configured in any way, and is ready to be used as soon as you install it from the jailbreak store. It does add a menu to the Settings app, but it contains nothing more than an enable/disable toggle. The tweak works by adding a button labelled ‘Save video’ to the sharing menu of each Vine that you come across in the app. To access the new button, go ant Vine, and scroll down to its options bar. It seems that for cosmetic purposes, the developer has chosen not to add the save option to a more visible location in the Vine app. Hit the three-dot icon that is shown in the right corner of the options bar. Usually there are just two options available in this menu i.e. ‘Share this post’ and ‘Report this post’. The saving option is added to the bottom slot  by the tweak.

VineDownloader downloads vines as videos, so there is no looping in the posts stored in your camera roll. This also has a positive side to it though, and that is the small size of the downloads. The videos downloaded using the tweak are never more than six seconds long, and that means they get saved within a few moments of you hitting the download button.

VineDownloader is a great tweak, and we are sure something similar will soon come out for Android as well (in case it hasn’t already). The tweak does cost $0.99, but that’s a price tag a lot of Vine fans won’t mind, owing to the possibilities it opens. You can grab VineDownloader by heading to the BigBoss repo of Cydia store.

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