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How To Get Facebook Chat Heads Feature On Your iPhone Right Now

Like many other users, I am still getting used to the revamped Facebook app for iOS, but the update is pretty good overall. The interface is much cleaner now, and gives the app a very uncluttered feel. Apart from UI changes, the app also offers two new options related to chat – Chat Heads and Stickers. Seeing as how attractive a feature Chat Heads is, we wouldn’t be surprised if Facebookers stopped using Facebook’s Messenger app a great deal until it gets these features as well. Although many have received Facebook’s latest iOS update in its entirety, not everyone has been lucky enough to gain access to Chat Heads and Stickers just yet. Facebook has decided to roll out these features gradually over the course of a few weeks. If you are one of those annoyed Facebookers who are in the waiting list, there is a way of enabling the features on your account right now. You don’t need to have a jailbroken device, but some basic knowledge of the iOS file system is sure to help.

Facebook iOS Chat Head Facebook iOS Stickers

If the features shown in the two screenshots above aren’t available for you even after updating the Facebook app, continue reading. Here is all you need to do in order to enable Chat Heads on your iPhone.


  1. Update the Facebook app for iOS to version 6.0.
  2. If you don’t have a jailbroken device, download any desktop tool that is capable of accessing the iOS file system. We used iFunbox, since it works pretty well with Windows 8, but if you are on a Mac, PhoneView might be a good option as well. Jailbroken users can simply use iFile.
  3. Any PLIST editor, like Xcode for OS X or iBacupBot for both Windows & OS X.


  1. Install iFunbox (or whichever iOS file system browser you plan to use) on your computer.
  2. Connect your iDevice to the computer via USB.
  3. Go to the file system location that lists all installed apps (/var/mobile/Applications) and open the Facebook folder.
    Note that if you’re using iFile, going to Settings > File Manager and enabling ‘Application Names’ will make it easier to find the Facebook folder.
  4. Inside the Facebook folder, navigate to the Library > Preferences subfolder.
    Chat Heads iOS
  5. Copy the file ‘com.facebook.Facebook.plist’ and paste it to a location on your PC (unnecessary if you’re using iFile; it has a built-in Property List Viewer).
  6. Once the file is on your computer, open it with the PLIST editor you downloaded previously.
  7. Search for the following key within the extracted Facebook PLIST file
  8. If the key is there, and the value against it is set to ‘FALSE’, change the value to TRUE. In case the key isn’t found at all, you can add it to the top level of the PLIST manually, with the value set to TRUE, of course.
    Chat Heads Registry
  9. Replace the original com.facebook.Facebook.plist with the modified version you have just created.
  10. Disconnect your device from the computer, and kill the Facebook app from your iDevice’s App Switcher tray if it is present there.

When you launch the app next time, you should have the Chat Heads feature enabled.

Unfortunately, the method to enable Stickers seems quite complicated, and considering the meagerness of the reward, we doubt a lot of users would want to go through all that trouble, specially when their wait should end within a few weeks anyway. If you still want to get those cute, gigantic chat Emoji on your iPhone right away, carry on to the source link below to follow the rest of the hack.

[via iMore]

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