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Evernote For iOS Gets New Card-Style Interface & Better Notebooks Management

Just when we thought that the post-iOS 6 flurry of app updates was over, a couple of other big names rolled out significant updates. This time its Evernote, with a major refresh (v5.0) of its iPhone and iPad clients. The app’s interface has been completely revamped, and the change isn’t just cosmetic. The new, card-style interface is actually more convenient for navigating through all your notes and notebooks. Another good thing about the update is that it is heavy on shortcuts, and almost all tasks require fewer taps than before. The app now lets you view a consolidated list of all the notebooks that are associated with your account, including your own and the ones in which you are tagged as a collaborator. The iPad version now has a new section on the main screen that displays all the most recently edited notes.

Evernote iOS Home Evernote 5 iOS Places

Other than the card interface for easy navigation, Evernote’s main screen sports a new shortcuts bar and a view of all the recent notes you have created or edited. While the recent notes are listed at the bottom of the screen in iPhone version of the app, the iPad variant has a dedicated area for them at the top of the screen. The latter implements the stack interface even within Notebooks, with all the entries visible without having to navigate away from the main list.

Coming back to the shortcuts bar, there are three options available in it. You can create a new note using the first button, while the other two are there to let users scan documents and capture images for notes.

The Places menu now allows users to zoom in to any location, rather than just tagging the note. This small, but significant, improvement provides a better view of the exact location of geotagged notes, instead of a generic idea of the place where a note was created.

Evernote iOS Notes Evernote 5 iOS Notebooks

As mentioned earlier, you can nowview both your own notebooks and those that your friends have shared with you in the same list by tapping the All option in the Notebooks section. You can switch to the old view by tapping the Personal filter beside the search bar.

Judging by the comments on Evernote’s App Store page, a lot of users don’t really like the interface overhaul, saying that it has taken away the neatness that the app previously had. In our opinion, you might need some time to adjust to the new interface, but it works better than the old one in many ways.

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