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Evomail Is A Simple iOS Gmail App With Gestures & Universal Search

Evomail has been around on iPad for quite some time, and has managed to entice many Gmail users because of its clean interface, support for gestures and an array of really useful features. The app is great for users who frequently need to perform a universal search in their Gmail account and efficiently switch between different labels. With apps like Mailbox and Seed Mail already providing tough competition in the genre, it is difficult for an email client to prosper in the App Store without being present across all iDevices. So, it is nice to see that  Evomail has finally arrived on the iPhone, and in addition to sporting a clean UI, it supports even more gestures than the iPad variant. Anyone who is looking for a simple email app that doesn’t come with too many bells and whistles is sure to appreciate Evomail.

Evomail iOS Labels Evomail iOS Inbox

Unlike some email apps for iOS, Evomail doesn’t force its users to perform a complicated configuration procedure before they finally get to access their accounts. The app only supports Gmail, so you just have to log in using your Google credentials to get started. Once signed in, the app displays an overlaid tutorial. If you are using Evomail on your iPhone, email actions can be performed simply by long-pressing any message displayed inside a label. These actions include adding tags, bookmarking, responding to the message, forwarding it or mark it as read. Of course, the same options are also available within each email, but having them on the main screen is certainly helpful. Other gestures include swiping to the left to delete a message, and a rightwards swipe for archiving.

To access labels, tap the icon located in the top-left corner. You can also swipe across the screen to the right to reveal this list. The default folder that shows up in Evomail is ‘Inbox’, while drafts can be accessed by long-pressing the compose button, which is the same gesture that works in the stock Mail app.

Evomail iOS Compose

Anyone who has been using the official Gmail app for iOS just because of its push notifications can now give Evomail a shot, since this app has real-time notifications too. Like all good email clients, Evomail allows its users to attach multiple photos with each message. These photos can be loaded from the camera roll, or snapped right from within the app. You can easily remove an attached image by hitting the cross icon.

Evomail supports multiple Gmail accounts, and switching between them is fairly easy as well (just tap your current account’s display picture). The app has gone free from $2.99 for a limited time, and you can give it a shot by heading to the following link.

Download Evomail for iOS

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