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Extract Any iOS App’s Sounds As Ringtones Or Songs With AudioExplorer+

Most mobile games are pretty simple and when you take a careful look at them, there isn’t a lot going on except repetition. This doesn’t make them any less addictive though, and you are likely to find yourself constantly going back to your favorite endless runner, jetpack acrobat, or pig smasher. The presence of catchy sounds in these games play a major part in breaking the monotony and keeping things interesting. If you have ever found yourself humming a tune from an iOS app or game and wished , you might have wished there was some way of exporting that track to your Music library or ringtone collection. Users with jailbroken devices have had this option for quite a while in form of AudioExplorer, but that Cydia app comes with a considerable number of limitations. The same can’t be said about its freshly released pro version, AudioExplorer+. Now instead of just MP3s, the app can be used to extract a lot more audio formats, and that too in a more quick and efficient manner.

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For those who haven’t used the older version of AudioExplorer+, the app can be explained as an iFile alternative that focuses just on audio files. Unlike iFile though, AudioExplorer+ does all the work itself, so that you don’t have to trawl through the entire file system to look for a single audio piece.

AudioExplorer+ starts with asking for your permission to go through all the apps installed on your iPhone and look for audio files within them. Once the search is complete, the total number of scanned apps and the number of compatible audio files discovered are displayed. The ‘Apps’ section of AudioExplorer+ only lists apps that have at least one audio file in them. It would have been perfect to have a search button here but for now, you have to go through the entire list by manual scrolling.

The ‘Files’ section of the app lets you take matters into your own hands, as you can find any audio file if you know its exact path. You can do the same with iFile or any other file manager for iOS.

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In the sounds list of an app, you can see all the audio files sorted alphabetically. You can listen to the sound by simply tapping it, or hit the blue arrow icon and open it in the built-in AudioExplorer+ player that gives you a proper player interface for it. To export an audio file to another app, your ringtones collection, or your music library, select the ‘Add to’ option. It is also possible to share the sound with anyone via email. The ‘Queue’ section shows the progress of each operation if more than one files are being exported simultaneously.

AudioExplorer+ supports M4A, WAV, MP3, AIFF, CAF and a lot of other audio formats. The developer of the app has promised to keep improving it, so you are not likely to regret the $1.99 investment. Head to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store and grab the app right now.

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