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Facebook For iOS Updated To v6.0: Chat Heads, Stickers & UI Improvements Galore!

Mark Zuckerberg and his band of world-class engineers have made a habit of regularly iterating on Facebook’s design and features every few months even though, to the average user, the website works just the way they like. Each time, after some initial backlash from its enormous user-base, people just settle down with the updates, that is until the company decides that the current state of affairs isn’t good enough and changes everything all over again. This, I believe, is one of the biggest reasons behind Facebook’s success – revising design and features regularly keeps the service “fresh”.

Photo 16-04-2013 11 47 51 PM

Earlier last month, Facebook announced a much improved News Feed with reduced clutter, the ability to filter News Feed updates on basis on type of content and friends lists, focus on bigger, more involving photos and a unified UI design pattern across desktop and mobile.

Now, while this new News Feed is being slowly rolled out to the desktop world, iPhone and iPad owners can get it today by downloading the latest update to Facebook for iOS – version 6.0.

You can clearly see the difference between the old News Feed and the new one below. Content is easier to consume now, thanks to tasteful text highlighting, subdued colors for UI elements, and of course, stronger focus on your friends’ photos especially on the iPad.

Facebook-iOS-new-News-Feed  Facebook-iOS-old-News-Feed

News Feed items can now be filtered by scrolling up to the very top, and choosing from one of the many options including people you’re following, photos, music, games, groups, and custom friends lists, among others.

Photo 16-04-2013 11 53 08 PM

News Feed filters

In addition to the new News Feed, Facebook for iOS has received a new feature called “Chat Heads”. Now, if you’re checking out Facebook and a friend sends you a message, it will show up within the main user interface so you can quickly reply back without opening your Inbox or interrupting your current session. This was originally introduced with the Facebook Home launcher for Android, but because iOS doesn’t support floating widgets, we have to make do with this limited implementation.

Photo 16-04-2013 11 54 11 PM

The app also comes with support for “Stickers”, which are, come to think of it, just bigger, more expressive emoji. Facebook will be launching a store soon from where you will be able to purchase these Stickers for use within messages.

Update: The store is now live. Currently, all the sticker packs in it are free.

Chat Stickers-in-Facebook-for-iPhone Facebook-iOS-Sticker-Store

Also, the icon now uses a more subtle blue gradient that fits well with the rest of the app.

Facebook-iOS-old-icon Facebook-iOS-new-icon

To get Facebook for iOS v6.0, look for new updates from the App Store, or download the app from the link below.

Download Facebook For iOS


  1. Just checked iTunes store and the rating for this update for the Facebook app is 1.5. Those who took the time to rate it hate the update. You might want to check with others before downloading it. I took FB off my phone a couple of weeks ago because it was eating up my battery time even after turning off a lot of stuff. I can’t see it that well anyway. Maybe okay on an iPad? Anyway please check the ratings at the iTunes store to see what I am referring to.

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