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Facebook & Twitter Apps Get The iOS 7 Look & A Few New Features

iOS 7 is such a huge update that it has caused an avalanche of app updates of the magnitude that no prior firmware has ever triggered. Developers don’t want their apps to look out of place on the OS, so all the big names have already jumped on the iOS 7’s flat UI bandwagon, whether they like it or not. Yesterday, we covered updates for Flipboard and Foursquare, and two even bigger names have today joined that list now that iOS 7 is actually available for the public. Twitter’s latest iOS version focuses just on making the app at home on the firmware update, but Facebook has shuffled things around a bit more thoroughly. The navigation bar that was previously at the top of the screen has now been moved to the bottom, and is now omnipresent. There is also a new search button that enables users to quickly find any profile or page they want to view.


Facebook iOS 7 iPad

On the iPad, the Facebook update hasn’t changed much in terms of functionality, since there was no shortage of screen real estate on the tablet. The UI has been overhauled to be sure, but the menus and buttons remain where they have always been. The biggest visual change is in the bar at the top of the screen, which has a hint of translucency about it, and has buttons that are much flatter than before.

Facebook iOS 7 Home Facebook iOS 7 Notifications

The iPhone app, on the other hand, has undergone a much more significant transformation. At the top of the screen, you no longer see the messages, notifications, and other options. Instead, there is just a main heading, displaying the name of the section you are currently browsing. The left corner is occupied by a search button, while the other end displays the chat area.

The sidebar has vanished from Facebook for iPhone, and now appears at the bottom of the screen. The available menus include requests, messages, and notifications. Other parts of the app can be accessed by hitting the ‘More’ button.

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Twitter iOS 7 Timeline Twitter iOS 7 Categories Twitter iOS 7 Profile

Take a look at the new top bar in the Twitter app, and you will see the biggest change it has received on iOS 7. The skeuomorphism is gone, and the flat UI is here. The app’s icon has been altered as well, even more so than the Facebook app’s. The buttons and shortcuts also match the overall iOS 7 interface. In the bottom bar, the color tint has been altered, but nothing else has changed.

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