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Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Is Engaging, Funny & Stuff [Game Review]

Social Networking simulation games tend to blend into one thick gruel over time, with users unable to tell one apart from the other. However, innovation continues to come at such a rate that games – like Farmville and Hayday – serving the same demographic with similar content, tend to do great business. Take any incarnation, be it Clash of Clans, Castle Clash or Clash of Lords (the last two are from the same company). You might not be able to tell them apart, but they sure are popular. The reason this genre still thrives, is because a new one comes about and changes the game. Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is one such game, out now for iOS and Android. It’s hilarious, it’s fun, here is our review.

Editor’s Note: This game contains mature content and has an age recommendation of 17+.

Family Guy QfS - Loading Screen


For those who don’t know, Family Guy is an animated series on FOX. The show has always been labeled to have gained inspiration from The Simpsons in almost every aspect (right down to the characters) and this game does nothing to quell that notion, you could swap out the characters and art style and still be left with the same game mechanics as Simpsons Tapped Out. However, we will not be going into these comparisons. We will be discussing the game for what it is, a funny, engaging and entertaining game that will keep you hooked.

Family Guy QfS - Roadhouse

Family Guy QfS - Builder

Family Guy QfS - Coins

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff is created by TinyCo. who are no strangers to social networking games with over 80 million downloads from the App Store; this experience shows in the polish of Family Guy’s Game design.


The game is a freemium game with an age rating of 17+ because of the sheer volume of adult themed jokes, true to the nature of the show. The game starts with a short clip featuring the regular cast and much like an episode of the show, starts with a disjointed event that leads into the main plot. The jokes do true service to fans of the series right from the start and does not pull any punches. After a series of events in the opening clip, you have to help restore Quahog. The missions revisit old jokes, you get to meet all the characters and get to see some hilarious exchanges between characters.

Family Guy QfS - Game Start

Family Guy QfS - Intro

Family Guy QfS - Mission Assign

The jokes do not stop, no matter where you turn, the game community is referred to, as Stewie Griffin fans will appreciate, the multi-verse, where you can visit other incarnations of Quahog, including friends’ you have added from your real social networks. The game’s graphics look like something out of the episode, with fluid animations and stunning visuals. There is an in-game social media interface called FaceSpace, which looks just different enough from Facebook to avoid lawsuits, but you know what it is. Your unlocked characters will continue posting updates from time to time that you can share (as images) on your actual social news feeds.

Family Guy QfS -  Social Media

Family Guy QfS - Chris Social

Family Guy QfS - Town


The gameplay is standard but refined. you are introduced with an easy to understand tutorial teaching you how to restore your base (The Griffin home) which will continue giving out currency at regular intervals, while you restore/build the rest of Spooner Street (eventually all of Quahog) with missions taking from 6 seconds to 24 hours to complete. The game reels you in very meticulously, you are given a burst of small missions, but just before you are about to lose attention, they let you turn away for a few minutes, just enough for you to return on your own. If you are in a rush, there is always premium currency. Golden clams to help speed up building and coins to buy new items. Tapping a character initiates a sound-byte, as does completing a mission. With every unlocked building, you are given a new character and new story lines based on that character.

IMG_0079   Family Guy QfS - Level Up

This is going to be one of those games you will see everyone playing all the time, not just because it is a “Family Guy” game, they have tried and failed at marketing bad games before, but Family Guy The Quest for Stuff is a genuinely good game, it’s fun, it’s addictive and if all else fails, the jokes alone are enough to keep you engaged for many days to come. Unless you exhausted yourself on Simpson’s Tapped Out already, in which case you might not go too far with this.

Also, Meg is in it.

Family Guy QfS - Joke Approved

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