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Filedrop Comes To iOS; Allows Cross-Platform AirDrop-Like File Sharing

Filedrop is an app that lets you send files between two Mac, two PCs, or between a Mac and PC, over Wi-Fi. We reviewed the service earlier this year and apart from it providing an AirDrop-like feature between Macs and PCs, the app has an excellent interface as well. At the time of the review, the developers had an iOS and Android app in the pipeline, of which the iOS variant has just been released on the App Store. It’s a free download and every bit as amazing as its desktop counterpart. You can send and receive files from another iOS device or a computer running the respective Filedrop app. From your iOS device, you can share images from your camera roll, clipboard, or the files you’ve received via Filedrop.

Once installed, the app will look for other systems on your Wi-Fi network that are running Filedrop. Each device shows up under its own name; select the one you want to send files to.

Filedrop detect Filedrop systems

There are three source that you can share files from: your camera roll, the Filedrop downloads that contain all files that you’ve received via the app, and your clipboard. Multiple files can be selected simply by tapping them. Once you’ve selected the files, tap ‘Send’. Your recipient, regardless of whether they are receiving them on a desktop or an iOS device, will be prompted to accept the incoming file, after which transfer will begin.

Filedrop select system IMG_0897

You will be able to see file transfer progress as it happens. If you’re the one receiving files, the app will ask you to accept them. Once the transfer is complete, a notification will appear at the bottom on the Downloads button. Newly received files and folders are highlighted in green.

Filedrop accept Filedrop recieve

To view the files you’ve received, tap ‘Downloads’ and the screen will slide up to reveal all of them. The Downloads panel is a very basic file manager; you can view files, share them, or delete them from your device, but you can’t create folders, or rename files. To share files, swipe it towards the right and select one of the supported sharing options.

Filedrop share file Filedrop delete

Filedrop will let you preview most common file types. The app works seamlessly and connects with desktops quickly. It can actively listen in on your network and detect a new device that’s running Filedrop. The interface, like that of the desktop apps, is excellent. Perhaps the developers might consider adding a few file management features to the app, but it’s great nevertheless. Let’s hope the Android app comes out soon.

Download Filedrop for iOS

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