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Find The Best Hashtags By Subject For Your Instagram Photos [Paid]

Instagram is a social network like no other; what started out as an app for sharing photos turned into something huge, inspiring other apps and making filters popular. Filters are one area that Instagram has been a huge inspiration but there are other utilities that the app has inspired one of which is Tagdock. It’s a third-party keyboard app for iOS that’s meant to be used with the Instagram app. It’s worth $0.99 in the App Store and while entering hashtags isn’t something overly complicated, the app makes it easier to do so by suggesting the right hashtags to use given the subject of your photo. For those of you wondering why hashtags would matter so much it’s because using the right hashtag can make a difference in how many people find, view, and like your photos. You must be running iOS 8 or above to use this app.

Tagdock is really easy to use. Once you’ve installed the app, open Settings and under General>Keyboards enable it. The app does not require full access. Once enabled, launch Instagram and compose your post.

When it’s time to add a caption, switch to the Tagdock keyboard and select a subject that comes the closest to describing your photo. Inside, you will find a whole host of tags that fall under the subject. Tap any one of them to add them to your post and share away.

tagsdocx_subjects tagsdocx_tags

If you often post photos on the same subject, the Favorites tab in the keyboard will populate with your frequently used tags making them easier to access.

To be fair, you’re either going to love this app because it’s exactly what you needed or you’re going to hate. You’ll love Tagdock because you can’t be bothered researching hashtags for an Instagram post but you still want to use the right hashtags and this does the job for you at a trivial price. You will hate the app because you can’t imagine Instagram being important enough to need additional utilities installed on your phone. Regardless how you feel, Tagdock does address an actual need and can even be used as a learning tool to become well-versed in the right hashtags to use on social media.

Install Tagdock From The App Store

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