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Flickr For iPhone Updated With Photo Filters & Support For Groups

Yahoo! seems to be taking a lot of interest in iOS these days. Just yesterday, the official Yahoo! Mail client for iPhone got a complete refresh, and today Yahoo’s Flickr app has received a major update. You can now browse through and post in Flickr groups right from your iPhone, while the app’s interface has been revamped as well. One feature that seems to be rearing its head in every other iOS app lately is photo filters. Twitter added effects to their app yesterday, while Instagram came up with a new filter too. So, no points for guessing that image effects are a major part of Flickr’s latest update. Discovering photos on the service has become a lot easier as well, as there is a now dedicated section for that purpose in the app.

Flickr iOS Register Flickr iOS Nearby Flickr iOS Filters

Looking at the update, you would think that Yahoo! is trying to entice more people to start using Flickr. This is evident from the fact that signing up is really easy from within the app now. You can register with just a few taps if you choose to use your Facebook account for the purpose. Creating a new Flickr account via Google or Yahoo! isn’t too difficult either.

Image Discovery

Hit the globe icon from the bottom bar and you can browse through the best pictures shared by other Flickr users. The discovery section is subdivided into two parts: ‘Nearby’ and ‘Interesting’. Of course, you will have to grant Flickr access to your current location in order to view content from people in your area. The most popular and frequently viewed images are listed in the Interesting tab. Photos are shown in the form of a grid to ward off monotony.

Photo Filters

There are 16 image effects on offer in the update. The filters can be applied to camera roll photos as well as the ones snapped from within the app. You get to preview each filter before applying it, since the changes aren’t saved until you hit the the ‘Next’ button.

Flickr iOS Contacts Flickr iOS Groups Flickr iOS Group

Flickr Groups

Managing and posting to groups in older versions of Flickr for iOS was a nightmare. Thankfully, this update has fixed the issue and brought full support for Flickr groups. Groups are displayed based on popularity and participation from your contacts. Not only can you discover groups that match your interest, but you can also  add photos to the ones you are already a part of. Like other areas of the app, groups have a grid interface that makes browsing through images a pleasure.

The overall look and feel of Flickr is a lot more smooth now, and the new interface feels pretty cozy as well. Flickr is still not optimized for the iPad, and is available as a free download at the link below.

Download Flickr For iOS

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