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Flipboard For iOS Updated With New Profile Stats & Better Sharing

The introduction of user-curated magazines in the Flipboard app for iOS is proving to be the right decision. Some might argue that people use Flipboard because of its glossy interface, but it has to be admitted that the app isn’t lacking in features either. Usually, there have been considerable gaps between any two major updates of Flipboard, but the popularity of magazines has prompted its developers to push some much-needed additions pretty quickly. The app’s latest update focuses on making user magazines even easier to manage. It is now possible to keep an eye on the growth of your publications, thanks to a revamped profile page that shows stats pertaining to your followers and readers. Although Google Reader only has a couple of months left to live, Flipboard seems determined to keep the experience of the service on your iPhone as good as possible. The sharing menu has become even more social as well, and even has a new option to help you add to your phone’s wallpaper collection.

Flipboard iOS Update Flipboard iOS Social Flipboard iOS Story

Users who are already managing one or more magazines of their own can head to their profile and view the related stats in one place. The total number of articles that constitute your magazines as well as the number of readers who have subscribed to your publications are both shown just below the profile picture. Regarding magazines, another welcome addition that has been made in Flipboard is the ‘Friends’ section in the content guide. This section helps users find magazines from people they follow on social networks, or are connected to on Flipboard.

The options for accessing feeds from social media have also been enhanced in the latest update. If you have chosen to connect your Twitter or Facebook account with the app, it is possible to easily jump from news stories to social feeds. Even individual sections from social networks are accessible from within the app.

Flipboard iOS Share Flipboard iOS Reader Flipboard iOS Reader Story

The sharing menu has been overhauled in Flipboard 2.0.2, and is much better than before. Apart from the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and mail options, it is now also possible to share links to news stories via text messages. Another great new option is ‘Save to Camera Roll’, which allows you to download any image from a news story.

Regarding Google Reader, the navigation has become a lot less complicated than it previously was. The ‘Feeds & Folders’ shortcut is available on the section’s main screen, along with ‘Starred Items’ and ‘Shared Items’. Going through the feeds supports the same flipping gestures as the rest of the app.

Flipboard is a free and universal app. Give the updated version a go even if you are not really into the whole concept of magazines, since there the other cool additions make it worth the update.

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