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Customize iOS 7 Control Center Toggles With FlipControlCenter

Control Center hasn’t turned out to be one of those iOS features that get ignored after the hype has died down a little. The collection of shortcuts and toggles is great at facilitating everyday activities, though it might not be the ideal combination for everyone. Some users might want more out of the Control Center – to be able to add more toggles or replace existing ones. By default, it is not possible to make any changes to the the arrangement of toggles available in the CC, and you can’t add any new shortcuts to it either. Though, if your device is jailbroken, you can easily customize the Control Center with Ryan Petrich’s FlipControlCenter. The Cydia tweak lets you add some extra toggles to the top row, and even change the order in which they appear.

FlipControlCenter iOS Settings FlipControlCenter iOS Switches FlipControlCenter iOS

FlipControlCenter is in beta for now, and you won’t find it in any of the default repos. To grab the tweak, head to the ‘Manage’ tab of Cydia and add the following repo to the ‘Sources’ section.


Once the repo has been added, the tweak will show up in the ‘Search’ and ‘Changes’ tabs. FlipControlCenter has  a few prerequisites, including Activator, which are installed automatically when you download the tweak. Note that Activator for iOS 7 is itself in beta right now and will display a beta alert every time it starts up. Once FlipControlCenter has been installed to your device, it shows up as a new entry in the Settings app.

The tweak’s menu has three options. You can use it to set the number of switches shown at one time, and to choose the order of switches. You can even choose to hide some or all toggles from the lock screen. The available switches include a shortcut for Settings, and toggles for system options like Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane mode, Do Not Disturb, etc. To move the  switches around, tap and hold the three-line icon next to the desired entry and drag it to a new position.

As soon as you exit the Settings app after making the adjustments, the new arrangement of toggles becomes visible. Swipe across the row of switches to navigate to the more pages. For now, you can’t change the bottom row of shortcuts, but the options available for the top one should be enough for most people.

FlipControlCenter worked flawlessly on our jailbroken iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The tweak does not suffer from any of the issues that often plague beta versions of other Cydia packages. Take it for a spin; the tweak is free and offers to supercharge an already useful part of iOS.

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