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Foap Lets You Make Money By Putting Your Mobile Photos Up For Sale

The iPhone’s amazing camera, along with the plethora of photography apps available in the App Store to complement it, has enticed a lot of users to become quite serious photographers. Gone are the days when photos were taken on just important and memorable events. Now, everyone snaps pictures of just about everything. However, not many people think of their iPhone photography as anything more than a pleasant hobby. Foap is an iOS app (update: now available for Android as well) that intends to change all that. Thanks to Foap, you will be able to show off your photos to the world, and if someone really likes your work, you might end up making a few bucks by selling the pics!

Foap Sign Up Foap Home

As can be expected from the nature of this app, you will have to sign up for a new Foap account before being able to use it. Creating a new account is easy, and you have to do nothing more than providing your email ID, in addition to choosing a new username and password. It is also possible to associate a photo with your profile. Once all that has been done, you will be taken to your Foap homepage. From this section of the app, you can find some users who share common interests with you, or if you are just in the mood to browse through some beautiful pictures, hit the Rate some photos menu. A random set of photos will be displayed, and you can rate them out of 5. The app has a pretty nice Foap mission menu that is designed to keep the app’s environment challenging. The Foap staff keeps coming up with new challenges, and anyone can submit photos related to each topic.

Foap Latest Sold Foap Top Rated Foap Photo

To get an idea of the kind of photos that attract more buyers, head to the Market section of Foap. In the Latest Sold section of the Foap market, you will be able to see the last 20 pics that have been sold via the app. It is also possible to view photos that have the best ratings, or you can search through the Foap collection by tags or missions. The app supports pretty thorough filters to ensure that you quickly find exactly what you are looking for. Any user can comment on photos, and it is possible to read comments by hitting the last button in the bottom bar.

Foap Tags Foap Sent

Foap encourages users to submit only those photos that have been snapped by themselves, and do not employ any photo editing filters or effects.To ensure that these guidelines are followed, all the images you submit to Foap are scrutinized by the service’s staff, and that is why photos might take a few hours (or even days) to get published. Foap asks users to connect their Facebook account with the app when they try to upload a photo, but you can easily skip that by hitting the text at the bottom of the screen. To make your photos more accessible, it is better if you add a lot of tags to them.

Foap uses PayPal for transactions, and although everything seems to be legitimate, we advice you to use the app at your own risk. The Foap app does have a few negative reviews on its App Store page, but if you read the comments for each sold photo, you are sure to notice that most users appear to be satisfied with the service. The standard Foap rate for each sale is $10, and the app itself is free, though optimized for iPhone and iPod touch only.

Install Foap for iOS

Update: The app is now available for Android. We’ve added a link to its Play Store page below.

Install Foap for Android

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  1. big bullshit .. novody`s buying from foap.. everyboday just rate them.. probably the Foap owners are thiefs and they steal our photos..

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