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Customize Folder Layout & Enable Nested Folders In iOS 7 With FolderEnhancer

Soon after the release of iOS 7, we covered a method that exploited a bug found in the updated firmware to let users create folders within folders on their iPhone. This feature is quite reminiscent of the famous jailbreak tweak named FolderEnhancer, which brought the concept of nested folders to life on older versions of iOS. While iOS 7 improved many aspects of folders, it still didn’t bring nested folders and the ability to customize icon layout to the mix. This is why FolderEnhancer for iOS 7 is still a relevant release, as it lets users create multi-level folders on their iOS devices, and can also be used to change the number of icons that appear in each row and column of folders. Different aspects of folder-related animations in iOS 7 can also be controlled via the tweak, and you can even change the behavior of folders once an app has been launched.

FolderEnhancer-for-iOS-7-settings FolderEnhancer-for-iOS-7

To create nested folders, simply launch any folder on your device, and drag an app icon over another, just the way folders are created on the Home screen. The subfolders can be given names of your choice, and the Home screen gives a miniaturized view of all the nested folders.


FolderEnhancer has to be configured through its Settings menu. The offered options are not too complicated, and can be understood quite easily. The ‘Effect’ section lets you toggle the default folder animation. The second option in this section lets users keep the wallpaper static in the background of a folder once it has been opened.

The second section of FolderEnhancer settings deals with folder closure. Since the biggest feature offered by this tweak is nested folders, things might get a bit hectic if you want to quickly get back to the Springboard and exit all folders. This potential problem is handled by FolderEnhancer by automatically closing folders whenever an app is launched, or when the user hits the Home button.

To change the icon layout inside folders, select the number of rows and columns that you want to accommodate in there. After making this choice, the device has to go through a respring before the changes become visible. FolderEnhancer displays the option to respring automatically after every change.

FolderEnhancer for iOS 7 costs $0.99 and is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. For a limited time, if you buy the classic version of the tweak (for older iOS versions), the iOS 7 variant becomes available for free. So, hurry up and grab the latest iteration of FolderEnhancer right now, specially if you are an existing user.

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