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Follow The Global App.net News Stream Or Your Own On iOS With App.news

If you’re an app developer, particularly one who specializes in iOS or Mac apps, chances are you’ve heard of App.net. It’s a social network for developers and up until a few months ago, the only account option it had was a paid one. Free accounts are now available but are invite only, but there’s App.net Passport that gives you instant access to the network. If you aren’t interested in the using the service as a social network, or you just don’t interact with a lot of people but would still like to keep up with what the developer community is discussing, App.news is a free iOS app that lets you follow the global App.net news stream. If you have an account, you can always sign in and follow your own stream as well. The free version of the app has ads, which can be disabled by upgrading to the premium version.

Once installed, open the app and it will show you the global App.net news stream. You can scroll through it, and it will load more news as you scroll further. Tap on a news item to open it in the app. A card at the bottom shows who shared the update. The eye button at the top allows you to view the news item as it appears on the web, and the document button lets you view a stripped down, text-only version of it.

App.news global stream app.net news

To add your App.net account, click the menu button at the top left. Tap the profile icon to sign in to your account, and then tap ‘My Stream’ to view updates from the people you follow. The layout of your personal stream is the same as that of the global stream. Below the profile icon in the slide-out menu, you’ll find the search bar marked by a hash tag. You can search for news or users from here. A hash tag is automatically added to your search, and a search history is maintained. At the very bottom of this slide-out menu is a cog wheel button that opens the app’s settings. You can set a default email address here, and select which languages you should receive updates from.

App.news menu  App.news settings

App.news is reasonably good app for anyone who doesn’t really want to engage in the App.net community but still wants be able to keep up with it. The interface is a little disappointing but then again, it’s not a fully featured App.net app since you can only follow news but cannot post an update yourself.

Download App.news For iOS

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