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Foursquare & Flipboard Get iOS 7 Makeovers

Everything is in place for the iOS 7 release (except for iTunes 11.1 on Windows), and since the update is going to change a lot of things that were familiar until iOS 6, many third-party apps have decided to get in on the fun as well. iOS 7 promises to make multitasking smarter on iDevices, so it makes sense that Flipboard is among the first apps to get updated for the latest firmware. Flipboard’s latest update also gets inspiration from the parallax effect added to iOS 7, and now you can tilt your device around to reveal more of magazine covers. Flipboard is not the only app to receive an iOS-exclusive update though; many other big players have gone down that path, including Foursquare. The changes in Foursquare are not as significant as Flipboard, but there still is an overall freshness about the app’s UI.


Foursquare iOS 7 Menu Foursquare iOS 7 Search Foursquare iOS 7 Checkin

The first thing you will notice after updating Foursquare to version 6.3 is the new app icon. Staying astride the stock apps, Foursquare has a flat icon of its own. Inside the app, the menus and options lists resemble those rolled out by Apple for iOS 7 in the stock apps. The buttons are simplistic, and the other UI elements have the same flatness that has become a characteristic of iOS 7.

Foursquare-on-iOS-7-iPhone-5 Foursquare-new-icon

The menu, main stream, and result pages haven’t changed much, though the font is decidedly different from how it was previously. Another great thing about the update that might go unnoticed is its integration of the new back gesture that comes with iOS 7. On any given screen, simply swipe horizontally from left to right, and you will be taken to the menu that was open previously.

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Flipboard iOS 7 Parallax Flipboard iOS 7 Comments

On the surface, Flipboard 2.0.7 might not look too different from the app’s older versions, but there are changes that make it perfect for iOS 7. The most noticeable addition is the new parallax effect for magazine covers. To see this in action, open any magazine, and make its cover full screen. Just tilt your device around, and the image should move as well.

Another change in the latest version of Flipboard is its ability to let owners of magazines delete comments from their pages. You should now see a more prominent ‘Report’ button on user profiles and posts, which helps keep Flipboard as clean as the iOS 7 interface. The update has also added support for Russian to the app.

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