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Make Any iOS App Go Full-Screen By Hiding Title Bar & Toolbar With FullScroll

By now, most of the popular iOS apps have been updated with display optimization for iPhone 5, but long before that happened, Cydia store started offering plenty of options to forcibly maximize apps to get rid of the letterboxed view on your device’s larger display. Though what if you want your apps to take up even more of your screen? How about a new tweak that adds a full screen mode to iOS apps. FullScroll isn’t aimed at owners of iPhone 5 only, as it doesn’t have anything to do with letterboxing. FullScroll has the ability to make any app full screen, in a way that is reminiscent of the new full screen mode recently added to Chrome for iOS. Whenever you scroll down in an app, FullScroll makes the toolbar and title bar go away, letting you get both back any time you swipe upwards.

FullScroll iOS Settings FullScroll iOS Options FullScroll iOS

If there’s any tweak that Ryan Petrich’s FullScroll resembles to some extent, it is Maximization. The older tweak, however, forced apps to show up in full screen mode as soon as you launched them. With FullScroll, on the other hand, users get a much more intuitive way of shifting from normal to full screen mode. Depending upon your choice for a particular app, FullScroll can hide the title bar only, both the title bar and the tool bar, or neither, keeping the app just the way it has always been. These choices can be made separately for each app on your iPhone, including the stock ones. Just head to the FullScroll menu in the Settings app, and scroll down the list of apps to find the one you want to make full screen. Now, choose the ‘Hide Toolbar and Title Bar’ option for maximum effect.

In stock apps like Settings and App Store, FullScroll works perfectly and actually looks pretty good. In some third-party apps, however, there might be a few problems. In Twitter, for example, we observed a blank space at the bottom of the screen whenever the title bar disappeared. Until such issues are fixes, you can toggle the tweak off for these problematic apps (we are hoping there aren’t many of these) by heading to their FullScroll entry and selecting the ‘Standard iOS Scrolling’ option.

FullScroll is a free tweak, and shows how full screen view in iOS is supposed to work. Give it a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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