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Get An Equalizer In The Stock iPhone Music App With ipEQ

It is no big deal for a third-party iOS music player to offer ton of options or let you apply filters to tracks in your personal collection, because most people end up sticking with stock apps on their iPhone since they are generally much easier to use and play nice with the entire system. So, it is always great if a way of enhancing existing iPhone apps comes along. This usually happens thanks to the Cydia store, since Apple is not likely to ever allow an App Store release to make changes to a native iOS feature or app. We have seen some pretty decent tweaks dealing with the stock Music app in the past, but ipEQ might be the most exciting of the lot. This new Cydia tweak adds a collection of sound filters to the iPhone Music app, letting you listen to your favorite songs with a twist.

ipEQ for iPhone Song ipEQ for iPhone Filters

ipEQ does not require any manual configuration once you have installed it to your iDevice. The tweak doesn’t have a SpringBoard icon or a menu in the stock Settings app; to access it, just choose a song in the Music app, and head to the ‘Now Playing’ screen. The ipEQ menu only shows up when you want it to, and is otherwise completely hidden. To see all the amazing equalizer options, tap the blue arrow added to right edge of the volume slider.

The ipEQ equalizer screen is divided into two main parts. The upper half has controls for the three sound filters available in the app, while the lower one deals exclusively with bass. The tweak has three filters, including low pass, high pass and high shelf. Each of these filters can be individually toggled using the button in the top-right, while the gain, frequency and bandwidth settings can be tinkered with separately as well. The exact value of these entities is displayed by ipEQ to help users keep track of the changes they are making. The ‘Bass Booster’ section of ipEQ has the same three gain, frequency and intensity sliders, with the corresponding values written next to them. The impact of any changes can be heard immediately if a track is playing in the background.

ipEQ fetches for $2 but if you are using a third-party music player just for its equalizer and would prefer to have the feature in the stock Music app, the investment is certainly worth it. You can grab the tweak by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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