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Get A Full-Screen App Switcher In iOS 7 With FullscreenPreviews

While Cydia tweaks like ClassicSwitcher and ControlTask allow users to bring back the old app switcher to iOS 7, the newer version of this feature has already garnered quite an adoring fan-base. The cards offered in the new app switcher look nicer, and of course, provide previews of all opened apps. FullscreenPreviews is a new tweak that expands on this idea, and stretches the app switcher cards to cover the whole screen. This might not make sense at first, but you just have to use the tweak once to understand the thought that went into its making.

FullscreenPreviews-for-iPhone-(Cydia-tweak) FullscreenPreviews-fullscreen-iOS-7-app-switcher

FullscreenPreviews is the kind of tweak that takes some getting used to, because it revamps the entire app switcher. You can toggle the tweak via the menu it adds to the Settings app. It is enabled by default immediately after you install it, so all that is left to do is double-tapping the home button to enter the app switcher.

At first, new users might feel a little lost since the cards don’t look any different from the app they are representing, that is, there is nothing to indicate whether you’re in the app switcher or using an app. The process remains the same: you swipe left and right across the screen to switch between app previews, tap a preview once to switch to the app or slide it upwards to dismiss it. However, the ability to kill multiple apps simultaneously is lost.


You might occasionally come across a delay when switching to an app, especially if the app in question has been inactive for quite a while. The developer suggests tapping the preview twice, most likely to speed up things in such cases. The rest of the tweak runs without a hitch; scrolling between and dismissing previews is as smooth as it is in the default app switcher. You might have to respring your device once after enabling/disabling the tweak.

FullscreenPreviews is a decent tweak, but I believe only a specific section of the jailbreak community is going to like it. It’s more of a cosmetic tweak instead of one that add convenience. It might become more practical if some sort of indicator is added on or around the app previews.

Editor’s Note: Having a row of icons appear at the bottom like in the default app switcher might be a good idea.

You can download FullscreenPreviews for free from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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