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Get Gestures For Quick Calls, Texts & Emails From iPhone Contacts App

Thanks to its support for iCloud, Gmail, Hotmail and other similar services, the contact management in iOS is pretty good. You don’t have to worry too much about importing contacts to your iPhone manually, and the stock Phone app integrates the address book quite nicely as well. There are a few things, however, that might entice some users to shift to third-party contact managers for iOS. ReachFast Contacts is a pretty decent example of an app that offers something that is unavailable in iOS by default: gesture control. Admittedly, it only takes a few extra taps to make a call from the stock Contacts or Phone app, but if you have access to the Cydia store, it is now possible to have the best of both worlds. QuickGestures lets you make calls, send a text or start composing an email right from the stock Contacts app simply by performing different gestures on each contact’s name – no extra buttons added!

QuickGestures iOS Settings QuickGestures iOS Call QuickGestures iOS Text

Although there are some default gestures associated with each action in QuickGestures, everything is customizable thanks to the detailed menu added to the Settings app. The tweak supports three gestures including right swipe, left swipe and long-press. Call, SMS/iMessage and email are the three actions that can be mapped against any of these gestures. If only one number is stored against a name, the action is performed right away but otherwise, you get a list of all the possible numbers that can handle the said action. For emails, an empty message is opened, with the email address of the recipient already written in the address field. To indicate what gesture was performed, the entries in the contacts list change color and display a small icon signifying the action to be performed.

Apart from adding gestures to the mix, QuickGestures is also capable of tweaking some other areas of the Contacts and Phone apps. The tweak’s menu has separate toggles for hiding the search bar and the alphabetical section headers from the address book.

While the tweak works great for the most part, there are some problems with it as well. At times, QuickGestures fails to detect any number for a contact. The developer has provided a toggle for rectifying this situation, which might help you.

Despite the fact that it is a lot more feature-rich, QuickGestures is slightly reminiscent of the Dial tweak we covered previously. You can give the new tweak a go for $0.99 by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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