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Useful Things: Get Over A Dozen UI, Spotlight & Other Tweaks For iPhone In One Package

There must be hundreds (if not thousands) of tweaks available in the Cydia store for jailbroken iOS devices. Most of these are focused on just one or two aspects of the operating system, and that’s why users have to get separate tweaks for even the smallest of tasks. For instance, if you want to change the color of the screenshot flash in your jailbroken iPhone, doesn’t it sound like too much trouble to download a whole new tweak for such a trivial functionality? It seems like the developer of Useful Things was thinking along the same lines when he thought of making this nifty tweak. Useful Things combines the features of more than a dozen small Cydia tweaks into one suite. This tweak makes a lot of changes to your iDevice automatically after you have installed it, but there are many options that users can control manually in order to make their iPhone or iPad behave in just the way they want.

Useful Things Icon & Screenshots Useful Things Cydia Shortcuts Useful Things Cydia Extras

If Useful Things allowed its users to control everything, rather than imposing its own will in some areas, that would have made the tweak perfect. Here is a list of changes that your iPhone will go through automatically after the installation of Useful Things.

  • The limit of 12 pages for an iDevice’s Springboard is removed by the tweak, letting users spread their apps on as many pages as they want.
  • You will not be able to see any badges on folders, while the app badges remain untouched.
  • The dots on the Springboard, signifying the number of pages, are removed.
  • Shadows of all icons and folders are removed, while reflections are added for all Springboard icons rather than just the ones in dock.
  • The color of the screenshot flash is randomized after each capture.
  • Activator will get the ability to set gestures for power options and the creation of new mail/SMS.
  • Useful Things makes the Newsstand icon vanish.
  • The labels for icons and folders change their position to the top of each icon.

Other than the repositioning of labels, I personally found all the changes to be quite agreeable, but if you have a problem with any of the aforementioned features, Useful Things is not for you as there is no way to revert those changes without deleting the tweak.

Useful Things Cydia Springboard Useful Things Cydia Reflection

These were just the functions performed by Useful Things automatically, but there are quite a few controllable options as well.

  • Edit Icons: Allows you to disable labels for all folders and icons.
  • Edit Slider Label: Make the text of your choice appear in the lockscreen slider.
  • Screenshot Settings: Through this menu you can set a message that is displayed after each screenshot is taken.
  • Edit HUD Volume: Rename the volume HUD to anything you want, and there is even an option to edit its subheading.
  • Message after respring: If this option is enabled, you will get a customizable message after each respring, along with buttons to reboot your device or entering safe mode.
  • Spotlight Settings: Useful Things lets you define Spotlight search commands for tasks like new message, new call, new mail, reboot and respring.
  • Multitasking: These options are rather bamboozling (for us, at least). In any case, if you want to respring your device every time you enter or leave the App Switcher tray, there are toggles available here for doing just that.

Maybe not every option available in Useful Things is useful, and you can find tweaks for performing each of its tasks individually, but having such diverse options in one place, for free, is certainly not a bad deal.


  1. It’s a Cydia tweak. Just launch Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone and search for “Useful Things”. There is no link.

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