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Get Smart Search Results From Google Knowlege Graph In iOS Spotlight

Quite recently, we covered two tweaks that are based on SearchLoader: SearchAmplius and SearchCollapse. In case you don’t already know, SearchLoader is a developer package available in the Cydia store that allows new categories to be added to Spotlight. Looks like the release of SearchAmplius has triggered some more developers to jump into action as well, as is apparent from the new SmartSearch tweak. It is not exactly as comprehensive as Siri or Google’s smart search results, but it can get the job done and is enough to give you a basic idea of any topic you search for. With SmartSearch, you don’t have to launch Google inside a web browser or app to look for one-line answers to simple questions. Whenever questions like “Who was Albert Einstein?” or “How tall is Eiffel Tower?” are typed into the iPhone’s Spotlight, SmartSearch presents the top result or Google’s smart card data on the topic, right within the search area. If you then want more details, you can simply tap the given answer to be taken to the relevant Google page in Safari.

SmartSearch iOS Settings SmartSearch iOS Question SmartSearch iOS Info

If you aren’t using SearchAmplius, or any other tweak that uses SearchLoader, SmartSearch adds the package to your device automatically when you try to install it. The tweak adds its settings to the stock Settings app, but there’s not much you can do from there apart from changing the Spotlight position of the results displayed by the tweak. Owing to the nature of the tweak, it is best if you keep it at the top, otherwise the direct answers to your queries might get buried under tons of other results from different categories.

To see the tweak in action, go to Spotlight and type any question for which you would usually see a smart card in Google. In addition to questions, simple keywords like names of celebrities, historical days and places also yield direct results from SmartSearch. Unfortunately, this result is rarely shown in its entirety in Spotlight, as SmartSearch just occupies one line. To see the rest of the content, you have to tap the entry and launch Safari. Having said that, the results still manage to include the most important pieces of information, like the answer’s main portion or crucial dates pertaining to your query.

SmartSearch is not perfect yet, and fails to come up with results for some fairly basic questions at times (including some that have their own Google cards). The developer also needs to expand the tweak to occupy multiple lines for clearer results. Even in its present state though, SmartSearch is not too bad for a free download. Give it a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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