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Givit For iPhone: Create Video Highlights With Visual Effects & Music Of Choice

Videos might have a lot of advantages over still images, but one thing you can’t do in a video is focus on just one point in time. There are a lot of things going on in most videos, and if there’s a particular portion of it that you want to highlight, you will have to point it out to others. This is where apps like Givit for iPhone can help you. You can call Givit a video editor, although it doesn’t come with too many fancy options. The whole purpose of the app is to let you choose a particular instant, or time period, in a video and apply some dramatic visual effects and music to it. The best thing about Givit is that you can use it to highlight videos while you are shooting them, in addition to editing existing videos.

Givit iOS Home Givit iOS Settings Givit iOS Camera

Signing up for Givit can be done via Facebook, or using your email ID. Once you have created a new account, you will be brought to the Givit homepage. Before you get started though, it is better if you change the app’s settings according to your needs. The Preferences menu lets users select video quality, the location where the videos will be saved and more. From the same menu, you can link your social network accounts with the app.

Tapping the Record Now button on the main screen launches the app’s own video recorder, while Create Highlight is for existing videos. There aren’t too many extra features in the video recorder; the only difference from the stock Camera is the presence of Instant Highlight and Start Highlight buttons. Instant Highlight lets you mark the current frame as a highlight, while the button located to the right will let you highlight intervals, creating snaps and clips respectively, which can then be individually stylized, and finally, stitched together.

Givit-Effects Givit-Transition Givit-iOS-Music

Whether you shoot a video using Givit, or load it from your iPhone’s camera roll, the editing options are the same. The first step of editing is to define the highlights (in case you didn’t do that while recording). Once that is done, the next step is to add effects to individual highlighted clips and snaps. There are four visual and ten transition effects available in Givit. Select a clip from below the video preview and choose a visual effect from the bottom of the screen. With these effects, you can slow down highlighted clips, speed them up or replay them once or twice. Tap between two clips, and you will be able to choose a transition effect.

As mentioned earlier, the app lets you add music from your device’s own music library to the video being edited. If you don’t have a suitable track, download and apply one of the tracks offered by Givit. The app allows you to adjust the ratio between the volume level of the video’s original sound and the added music. When you are done, Givit will give you the option to save the video to the camera roll, share it over social media, or upload it to the app’s own cloud. Givit offers 5GB of free cloud storage for every user, with more available in premium packages. Even if you aren’t all too fond of editing videos, Givit can still be useful for you thanks to its free cloud storage.

Despite the bug alert on the app’s download page, everything seemed to work fine for us during our test run. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

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  1. Thanks for the great review Hamza! While you didn’t experience the bug, I just wanted to let your readers know the bug-free version of the Givit App just released today in the App Store. Thanks again –

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