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Glass Booth Offers Tons Of Awesome Glass Photo Effects On iPhone

As you can probably gauge from our list of best iOS photo editors, most of the popular apps of this genre offer a variety of image effects and editing options. This doesn’t mean, however, that there isn’t any room in the market for photo editing apps that focus on just one genre of filters. The presence of apps like Vintique clearly demonstrate that people still like to give single-purpose apps a try every once in a while. Glass Booth is not the kind of app that will replace the photo editor you are currently using on your iPhone, but it will certainly lure you to keep coming back to it frequently. The filters offered by the app are built around the same theme – they are meant to give the impression that you are looking at your photos through glass. This might sound a bit too specific, but in fact there are plenty of customization options and variety of effects available to keep users interested for a long time.

Glass Booth iOS Categories Glass Booth iOS Effects

The effects offered by Glass Booth are arranged into different categories. All the categories containing predefined effects are unlocked but if you want to overlay a photo from the camera roll of your device, an in-app purchase is needed. Separate in-app purchases are required to unlock filters in different categories, which can be a bit annoying.

Glass Booth iOS Controls Glass Booth iOS Camera

Once a filter has been selected, it is applied to the viewfinder of the Glass Booth camera right away. You are now free to snap the photo using the button provided in the middle of the bottom bar, but f you want to add some more spice to the picture, tinker with the filter a bit. This can be done by hitting the icon located in the top-right corner of the camera screen. For each effect, it is possible to invert the filter’s color scheme or change its overlay style. There are two separate sliders for adjusting the value of the effect’s saturation and refraction.

Glass Booth supports both front and rear cams, and you can change filters on the go with the top-left icon on the main screen. A more rational system of in-app purchases would have been great, but we have to admit that even the free effects render great results.

Glass Booth is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. The app is ad-supported, and does not work with firmware versions that are older than iOS 6.

Download Glass Booth For iOS

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