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Glassdoor Brings Its Social Jobs & Career Community To The iPhone

Most organizations advise their employees to keep their salaries secret from coworkers. When you can’t even know the salary of your own colleagues, imagine how hard it can be to find out the amount a company is likely to offer you if you decide to pursue a job opportunity there. You can sniff around on the internet to get a vague idea of what to expect before you walk in for an interview of course, but there are very few places online where you can easily find the average salaries offered by all the major companies in the world. Fortunately, if you have an iPhone, there is an app for that now. Popular social careers community Glassdoor has released an official client for iOS. Not only does the app offer salary estimates for any organization you are interested in, it also shows you views of people who are presently working there. You get to see pros and cons of various jobs, along with details of all the financial perks that come with a particular position.

Glassdoor iOS Home Glassdoor iOS Search Glassdoor iOS Company

At the bottom of the main screen, Glassdoor shows you a list of the most popular companies situated near your area. Users can swipe through them to find the hottest jobs in their city and the kind of money being offered for them. The list is quite limited though, and the app’s main purpose is to let users search for companies and jobs manually. These searches can be performed by entering the appropriate keywords in the location and Job title/organization fields. All the companies that offer the job you searched for are listed on the results page. Once you have selected an organization, the app shows its overall ratings as gathered from employee responses. If you are interested in only a particular job, you can use the filter option to weed out the rest of the entries. Users can switch between salaries and reviews using the buttons provided at the top of the list.

Glassdoor iOS Salary Glassdoor iOS Reviews

While the main company page only lists the net salary of a position, you can view detailed information about it by tapping the entry. Some times the salaries are shown in US Dollars, while on other occasions you might find them in your local currency. The salary page also shows additional data such as bonus amount, amount in stocks, commissions, etc. All these figures consist of the expected average payouts; if you want to view the overall minimum and maximum earning limit, view the ‘range’ tab.

The reviews for a company or job are posted anonymously by people who are currently working there. Each review lists the pros and cons of a position as seen by current and former employees. Glassdoor also has a 5-star rating system to help users gauge a job’s overall value.

The Glassdoor app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch devices. If you want to contribute new information to the service, you’ll have to use the website since there is no such option in the app for now. You can grab the iOS app for free from the link below.

Download Glassdoor For iOS

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